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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
05/28/2015 SRI LANKA
Rising rates of liver disease and cancer among Sri Lankan farmers
by Melani Manel Perera
Pesticides could be the main culprit, especially glyphosate, an herbicide known for its high level of toxicity. The government has banned the compound, but expert opinion warns that more controls are needed. Even young farmers are getting sick.
Colombo (AsiaNews) – Farmers in the districts of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa (Northern Central Province) and Monaragala (Uva Province) show higher rates of liver cancer and chronic liver diseases. The constant use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides – especially...

05/28/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh to deport 32,000 Rohingya to an island because they harm tourism
The plan is to move refugees from a region Bangladesh wants to develop as a tourist resort. Bangladeshi PM calls Bangladeshi economic migrants "mentally sick," accusing them of hurting the country's image. For Rohingya leader, the plan would only make life worse for the refugees.
05/28/2015 INDIA
India: promises and realities of Modi’s Nationalist government (one year on)
by Nirmala Carvalho
Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (Wnta), a network of over 400 voluntary organizations all over the country, has compiled a report on the first 12 months in office of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Many campaigns and development programs have been launched, but with little effect on the population. Concerns over cuts to education and healthcare sector, areas crucial to the future of new generations. Increased violence against religious and social minorities.
05/28/2015 PHILIPPINES
Caritas and Filipino farmers against government repression of peaceful demonstration
Landless farmers were dispersed with water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray. Seventeen were hospitalised for treatment after suffering eye injuries. Protesters called for the implementation of the expired land redistribution law.
05/28/2015 CHINA
China celebrates one million millionaires
According to figures from Bain & Company, China had 1.04 million millionaires at the 2014, an increase of 330,000 compared to 2012. Another study predicts that Asia will become the centre of billionaire growth.

05/26/2015 ASIA
Southeast Asia: billions of dollars in weapons to counter the threat from China
Over the past 15 years, defence spending by ASEAN nations has gone up more than three folds. By 2020, it should reach US$ 52 billion, especially in naval procurement. As tensions in the South China Sea rise, Southeast Asian nations buy submarines, amphibious craft and corvettes.
05/25/2015 VIETNAM
Beijing bans fishing in the South China Sea, a step Hanoi calls arrogant and illegitimate
by Nguyen Hung
The ban covers disputed maritime areas and most of Vietnam’s and Philippines’ coastal waters. Hundreds of thousands of people who depend on fishing could lose their jobs. For Vietnam, China “does not have the right to ban fishing in our waters.”
05/25/2015 CHINA
To please millionaires, Beijing to lower taxes on luxury goods
The government plans to lower import taxes by an average of 50 per cent in order to bolster domestic demand in high-end consumer goods like Nike sports shoes and L’Oreal cosmetics.
05/22/2015 PHILIPPINES
For Filipino bishops, welcoming migrants is a moral obligation that will be good for the country
In a circular letter, Mgr Villegas, president of the Bishops’ Conference, refers to the country’s traditional hospitality, praising the government's decision to welcome 3,000 boat people. "God gives us this chance once more to bind the wounds of body and spirit,” he said.
05/22/2015 INDIA
For Catholic Church, “mining threatens India’s tribal peoples”
by Shafique Khokhar
In Odisha, the Office for Justice, Peace and Development of the Catholic Bishops' Conference looked at the effects of heavy mining on indigenous communities. For an Adivasi leader, “tribal cultures die when their peoples are forced to leave their lands."
05/22/2015 CHINA – ASIA
Beijing and Delhi to lead Asian ‘super bank’
A consensus has emerged from a meeting of the lender’s founding members. To avoid undue European influence, Asian members have accepted that China’s share of the bank’s capitalisation will be between 25 and 30 per cent with India as second largest shareholder. Germany will be represented on the bank’s board of directors.
05/22/2015 CHINA
Beijing returns to Soviet planning to save the Party
by Willy Lam
The Chinese economic strategy emphasizes the role of state-controlled companies. President Xi: "The Chinese Communist Party should control the economy if it wants to rule the country forever." Big profits for private companies close to the Party elite. The initiative strengthens control over interior regions and contains the centrifugal forces. Beijing can absorb the nation’s excess production. The theory of the "three non-changes". The marginalization of the Premier Li Keqiang who wanted to liberalize the market.
05/21/2015 INDONESIA
Jakarta cracks down on illegal fishing by sinking 41 foreign vessels
Ships from China, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines are now at the bottom of the sea. With Indonesian President Widodo taking a hard-line position, tensions in the South China Sea could worsen. Now, a deal on disputed maritime borders seems unlikely.
05/20/2015 NEPAL
For survivors, psychological problems more damaging than the earthquake
by Christopher Sharma
Almost a month after the earthquake, people are discouraged and fearful. Two million Nepalese suffer from post-traumatic syndrome whilst thousands are still waiting for help. For apostolic vicar, counselling and spiritual assistance are a priority.
05/20/2015 CHINA
Beijing to focus on new technologies to revamp economy
The State Council unveiled an ambitious ten-year plan to upgrade manufacturing, including ocean engineering and aerospace technology, to pull the country out of its current impasse. With rising labour costs and environmental degradation, China has no choice; however, some analysts believe the private capital and foreign knowhow are needed.

Altri articoli
05/20/2015 CHINA
Guizhou: woman can complete pregnancy despite order to abort
05/20/2015 CARITAS - INDIA
Caritas India: Organic farming to counter rising famer suicides
Caritas Thailand, a home for 120 thousand Burmese refugees
05/19/2015 VATICAN – ASIA
For Card Vegliò, the migrant crisis can be solved by investing in poor countries
05/19/2015 RUSSIA – CHINA
Moscow Patriarchate: China authorises the ordination of Chinese Orthodox priests on its territory by Marta Allevato
05/19/2015 INDONESIA
Caritas Indonesia working with Muslims for people affected by disasters
05/19/2015 NEPAL
Nepal: corruption and unauthorized building behind the massacre of the "Great Earthquake" by Christopher Sharma
05/19/2015 SOUTH KOREA - INDIA
Modi arrives in Seoul to build "a strategic axis" in East Asia
05/18/2015 CHINA – INDIA
Deals worth US$ 22 billion do not end the China-India rivalry
05/18/2015 NEPAL
Quake survivors forced to drink contaminated water, “only the Christians help us” by Christopher Sharma
05/17/2015 VATICAN
Pope: We and the four new saints, witnesses of the Resurrection "where forgetfulness of God and human disorientation are most evident "
Cambodia, WWF: border highway threatens flora and fauna of a protected forest
05/15/2015 NEPAL
Hospital emergency: lack of beds and medicine for earthquake victims in Nepal by Christopher Sharma
05/14/2015 CARITAS – ASIA
For Card Maradiaga, the future of Caritas "lies in Asia, to respond to the problems of the world" by Giulia Mazza
Editor's choices
Moscow Patriarchate: China authorises the ordination of Chinese Orthodox priests on its territory
by Marta AllevatoMetropolitan Hilarion, the Moscow Patriarchate’s ‘foreign minister’, made the announcement after a visit to China where he met the leaders of the State Administration for Religious Affairs. The first priest should serve in Harbin. Two more ordinations are expected. With a new Cold War as the background, the Moscow-Beijing strategic alliance also has a Church connection with the People's Republic recognising the latter’s 'political' role in Russia.
Pope: We and the four new saints, witnesses of the Resurrection "where forgetfulness of God and human disorientation are most evident "Francis proclaims four religious sisters saints: one French, one Italian, two Palestinians: Maria Alfonsina Danil Ghattas, the foundress of the Sisters of the Rosary, and the Carmelite Maria of Crucified Jesus (nee Maria Bawardy). Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority present. "Abiding in Christ" and cultivating “unity among us" are essential signs of witness. Maria Bawardy, "instrument of encounter and communion with the Muslim world".
Top 10
05/26/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Christianity is a radical choice: you cannot have "heaven and earth"
05/25/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore, Muslims set Christian colony ablaze: new charges of blasphemy
by Jibran Khan
05/25/2015 MYANMAR - ASIA
Yangon Cardinal: Myanmar has a moral duty to resolve the Rohingya crisis
by Charles Maung Bo*
05/26/2015 INDIA
Bosco’s story or “the gift of sobriety through the mantle of Mary’s love”
by Bosco Pereira
05/23/2015 VATICAN
For pope, labour must be "free, creative, participatory and mutually-supportive"
05/24/2015 VATICAN
For pope, “The world needs men and women who are not closed in on themselves, but filled with the Holy Spirit”
05/22/2015 THAILAND - ASIA
Beatings, rapes and abuse: the Rohingya in Thailand recount their journey of despair
by Weena Kowitwanij
05/22/2015 SYRIA - IRAQ
Islamic State takes entire border between Syria and Iraq
05/22/2015 PAKISTAN
Pakistan: 106 people on trial for the lynching of a Christian couple, accused of blasphemy
05/23/2015 SYRIA
Nuncio in Damascus: no news about Fr Mourad, not even about who abducted him


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