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03/26/2015 INDIA
India’ Narendra Modi to speed up adoption of "anti-farmer" law
The Hindu nationalist-led government wants to change existing legislation to make it easier to expropriate land for large companies. To do so, the prime minister plans to employ a legislative measure only used three times since independence. For the opposition, this will promote divisions and social disharmony.
New Delhi (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are in a hurry to change an existing law to facilitate the process of land acquisition by private interests. In their view, this would speed up investment in India. However,...

Manila accuses Beijing of wanting to control the entire South China Sea
Philippine Foreign Minister speaks of " China’s expansionist agenda" dominated by "massive" reclamation projects. Beijing’s "growing" activities aimed to affect the work of the UN international tribunal, convoked by Manila to resolve the dispute. China continues to claim sovereignty of the area.
03/25/2015 CHINA
Zhejiang: Protestant clergyman jailed for opposing cross removal
Rev Yizi Huang is the first person to be convicted for trying to stop the removal of a cross. In Zhejiang province, local authorities have so far torn down at least 400 crosses and religious buildings.
03/25/2015 NEPAL
Political uncertainty hampers Nepal’s economic growth
by Christopher Sharma
In its 2015 report, the Asian Development Bank ranks Nepal 132nd out of 147 countries in terms of competitiveness. Capital investments are limited and the government does not invest in growth. Political interference and frequent staff turnover are blamed.
03/25/2015 CHINA
Beijing's last coal plant will close in 2016
The Chinese capital has a pollution level twice the national average. Four mega coal based power plants have operated for decades. Coal still provides about 70% of the country’s energy needs, but the damage to the environment is incalculable.

03/25/2015 IRAN – ASIA
As the prospects for a nuclear deal improve, Asians line up for Iranian oil
Some of Asia’s biggest refiners are betting on a positive outcome to negotiations. Once international sanctions are lifted, Tehran could boost crude oil production by one million barrels per day to pre-sanctions levels and more. China, South Korea, India and Japan are vying for a slice of the pie.
03/24/2015 IRAN
Time for a deal with Tehran, a reliable partner against the Islamic State group
by Bernardo Cervellera
A framework agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue has to be inked by 31 March. US Republicans, Israel and Saudi Arabia are fiercely opposed to it for ulterior motives. Hassan Rouhani wants Iran to come back into the international fold. Tehran is playing a mediating role in the Middle East. For Vatican nuncio, “there is no evidence that Iran is preparing a nuclear bomb.”
03/23/2015 YEMEN
As Houthi militias move south, UN warns of possible civil war
After seizing Taez, Houthis move south, towards Aden President Hadi's refuge. IS claims responsibility for the attacks against two mosques in Sana's, killing 142. With Saudi-Iranian confrontation playing itself out, UN calls for renewed political dialogue.
03/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Where there is no mercy, there is no justice, not even in the Church
"When the people of God come voluntarily to ask forgiveness, to be judged" they often find vicious people "capable of trying to exploit them," they find "dealmakers" who "do not give oxygen to that soul, do not give hope" or they find "the rigid who punish in the penitent they themselves hide in their own soul".
03/23/2015 SINGAPORE
Singapore mourns Lee Kuan Yew, 91, the towering boss of the Asian tiger
The government, under Lee's son Lee Hsien Loong, declared seven days of national mourning. A state funeral is scheduled for 29 March. The elderly statesman had been in hospital for weeks battling pneumonia. He led the small country with an iron fist for 30 years, creating a stable corruption-free economy. For critics, the price of his success was the denial of rights and freedoms.
Palestinians protest against seizure of homes in East Jerusalem. The Supreme Court rules against confiscation of land in Silwan
Israeli settlers, aided by the police, tried to expel Palestinian families. Expulsions, occupations of buildings, evictions stepped up to make Jerusalem the "eternal and undivided capital" of Israel. In Silwan, the Supreme Court condemns Jerusalem city council for attempting to confiscate the land of a Palestinian family.
03/23/2015 RUSSIA
Marking 70th anniversary of defeat of Nazism, Russia to open first museum dedicated to Stalin
Located in Khoroshevo village, in the cabin where the dictator spent a night during the Second World War. Human rights activists warn: the initiative "inappropriate" in a very delicate moment in society.
After three year gap Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing restart talks
The foreign ministers of the three countries met today in the South Korean capital to restore the annual trilateral summit. The summit has not taken place since 2012, after Japan’s missteps on unresolved issues dating back to the war and disputes in the East China Sea with China.
03/21/2015 TAJIKISTAN
President Rakhmon appoints his son to head state anti-corruption agency
The 27 year-old Rustam Emomali is the new director of the official body that punishes crimes of corruption. The son of the incumbent president had a fast-tracked political career. The International community has accused the agency of pursuing the president’s opponents. The current appointment lays the foundation for the succession to the presidency of the country.
03/19/2015 VATICAN
After two years, the pope is appreciated even from a distance
Francis began his pontificate on the feast day of Saint John in 2013. An inspiration for world leaders like Obama, he is also appreciated by the Church's critics who love more his ways than his words, treated as slogans more than ideas. He chose Francis so that the poor be the focus. As he enters the third year of his pontificate, he will face crucial moments, like the Synod on the family but especially the Jubilee of Mercy, whose impact will be felt both within and without the Church. The same is true for his reform of the Roman Curia.

Altri articoli
03/19/2015 RUSSIA - CHINA
Putin meets Chinese Communist leader to boost Moscow-Beijing alliance by Nina Achmatova
03/19/2015 TUNISIA - ISLAM
Tunisians united against terrorism
03/19/2015 TAIWAN
Taiwan celebrates the first anniversary of "Sunflowers", seeds of democracy by Xin Yage
03/18/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Stem cell and genetic drugs to dominate South Korea's economy
03/18/2015 VATICAN
Pope: better a society with the "trouble" of children than "sad and gray" without children
03/18/2015 ISRAEL
Netanyahu's Likud wins elections by Joshua Lapide
03/17/2015 ISRAEL
Israelis to the polls, without little confidence in Netanyahu or Herzog by Joshua Lapide
03/16/2015 CHINA
Li Keqiang ends NPC with reassuring words, despite tough times, 7 per cent growth expected
03/16/2015 CHINA
Xu Caihou, former general accused of corruption dies of cancer. Doubts over date of death by Wang Zhicheng
03/15/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Christians are persecuted and the world tries to hide it
03/14/2015 EGYPT
Arab countries to provide billions "for a future of peace" by André Azzam
03/13/2015 VATICAN
Pope: A Jubilee Year of Mercy, starting December 8
03/13/2015 SRI LANKA - INDIA
Narendra Modi in Sri Lanka to discuss fishery, visas and support for Tamils by Melani Manel Perera
03/13/2015 CHINA
China's government must "improve" the lives of 90 million poor
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Pope: Christians are persecuted and the world tries to hide itDuring the Angelus, Francis prayed for the victims of today's church massacres in Pakistan. Before the Marian prayer, he said that God "loves us, really love us, and loves us very much! This is simplest expression that sums up the whole Gospel, faith, and theology. God loves us freely and boundlessly." The pontiff also spoke about typhoon victims in Vanuatu. "I pray for the dead, the wounded and the homeless. I thank all those who reacted immediately to bring relief and aid." The pope also made a plea on behalf of persecuted Christians. "May the persecution against Christians, which the world is trying to hide, come to an end, and may there be peace."
Your support for another year of AsiaNewsWe appeal to your generosity. If every reader donated 30 euro, AsiaNews would be able to continue to operate for another year. The aid campaigns on behalf of Iraqi Christians, Chinese seminarians and prisoners in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India show that AsiaNews readers are willing and determined.
Top 10
03/24/2015 INDONESIA
Authorities seize schoolbook that praises Islamic radicalism
03/23/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Where there is no mercy, there is no justice, not even in the Church
03/20/2015 AFGHANISTAN
Afghanistan, woman beaten to death for burning Koran pages
03/22/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
BREAKING NEWS: Chinese police seize two priests in Mutanjiang
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/24/2015 PAKISTAN
Attacks in Lahore, police arrest 200 Christians
by Jibran Khan
03/21/2015 PHILIPPINES
Filipino priest: Youth as online “agents of peace” to counter Islamic State violence
03/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope says death penalty "is unacceptable," offends the dignity of life and "contradicts God's plan"
03/20/2015 NEPAL
Thousands of Nepali women "disappear" in the byways of human trafficking
by Christopher Sharma
03/24/2015 IRAN
Time for a deal with Tehran, a reliable partner against the Islamic State group
by Bernardo Cervellera
03/20/2015 VATICAN - JAPAN
In a blessed meeting, the pope encouraged us to follow our path, said Niigata bishop
by Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi


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