24 February 2018
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  • 23/02/2018 - IRAN – UNITED STATES

    Last Sunday’s air crash that killed 65 people has raised the issue of airplane safety in Iran. Some 200 accidents have occurred in 20 years with at least 2,000 deaths. Most of the fleet should have been changed ten years ago, but sanctions have stopped purchases. And Trump is now set to block a billion-dollar agreement between Teheran and Boeing (as well as Airbus).

    23/02/2018 - MALAYSIA – ISLAM

    Rapper arrested for insulting Islam with a video for the Year of the Dog

    Dancers with dog masks make suggestive moves in front of a building believed to be a mosque. The musician defends himself saying said that it was the Prime Minister's Office. This year's Chinese New Year has been a sensitive issue. Dogs are deemed impure by Muslims who are 60 per cent of the population.

    23/02/2018 - CHINA – UNITED STATES

    Gun ownership: China slams US, says Washington should learn from Beijing to protect human rights

    Editorial in party newspaper points the finger at others where gun ownership is more important than life. China rejects criticism on human rights, but persecutes activists and lawyers.

    23/02/2018 - INDIA

    Bishops launch website to encourage marriages among the castes

    The link dedicated to young people accessible through site of the Office for Disadvantaged castes of the Episcopal Conference. In India there are 12 million Catholic Dalits, or 60% of the faithful.

    23/02/2018 - UZBEKISTAN

    Andijan massacre, human rights activist released after 12 years

    He had spread information about the Andijan massacre. Mirziyoyev's crack down on Karimov regime officials continues: ex-prosecutor general arrested.

    23/02/2018 - PHILIPPINES

    Mindanao, Colonel warns: 'Jihadists ready for insurrection'

    The Mautos have a force of about 200 fighters and have launched a series of clashes with the Manila army. They recruit new soldiers, thanks to money, guns and jewels stolen from the city's banks and private houses during the Marawi siege.

    22/02/2018 - CHINA

    Chinese researchers testing hypersonic aircraft for two-hour Beijing-New York flight

    The new plane is designed to fly at a speed of more than 6,000 km/h. its design improves aerodynamics. The craft is also part of an hypersonic arms race, and a turning point in nuclear warheads delivery.

    22/02/2018 - VIETNAM

    Phan Thiết Catholics celebrate New Year with poor families

    by Ngoc Lan

    Vietnam has two million poor families, 11 per cent of the population living with less than 15 dollars a month. The Diocese of Phan Thiết and the Archdiocese of Huế help Catholics and others. “These are gestures of love and compassion, actions that encourage us in life,” Buddhist man says.

    22/02/2018 - UN - SYRIA

    UN told Ghouta east is 'hell on earth'. Diplomats scramble to secure a ceasefire

    The Security Council ready to vote for a draft resolution. The goal is to reach a 30-day ceasefire and promote the delivery of aid and medicines. Uncertainty of Russian support. UN Secretary-General: The "humanitarian tragedy" demands intervention.

    22/02/2018 - KOREA

    Olympics, Pyongyang sends a delegation for the closing ceremony

    It is likely that President Moon will also receive them in private. No meeting with the US representation led by Trump's daughter.

    22/02/2018 - SRI LANKA - EU

    European Union calls on Sri Lanka to activate Office for Missing Persons

    by Melani Manel Perera

    In a tweet the government is invited to give answers to the families of the victims. The Kilinochchi protesters recall a year of protests, during which seven elderly parents died.

    22/02/2018 - HONG KONG

    Rents for sports clubs: 'The government helps the rich'

    by Paul Wang

    Exclusive clubs save up to $ 400 million in Hong Kong and allow use only for members. In the territory there is no public housing and the rents of the houses are prohibitive for young people.

    22/02/2018 - MYANMAR

    Bomb in Lashio: two dead and 22 wounded

    The victims were employees of Yoma Bank, employed for the branch located in the heart of the city. At the moment no suspects are identified. The end of the civil war is the highest priority declared by Aung San Suu Kyi. Fighting between army and ethnic minority rebels intensifies.

    21/02/2018 - PAKISTAN

    Integral ecology: spring tree planting campaign launched in Karachi

    by Shafique Khokhar

    The initiative is part of Caritas’s environment-related development plans inspired by Pope Francis’s Laudato Si’. A "spiritual ecological conversion" is needed to save the environment that surrounds us.

    21/02/2018 - INDIA

    Holy Spirit Sisters support women's development in Madhya Pradesh

    by Purushottam Nayak

    The congregation set up the Uday Social Development Society in 2009. "[E]ducation is the key to success in life". The NGO offers sewing, embroidery, cooking and home economics courses. Its goal is to make women independent and "agents of social transformation".

    21/02/2018 - THAILAND

    Air pollution warning for Bangkok

    by Weena Kowitwanij

    Thammasat University is currently hosting a conference on public health and the environment. With the application of the Euro 4 standard to vehicle emissions, PM2.5 levels dropped by 25 per cent between 2013 and 2017.

    21/02/2018 - MALDIVES - INDIA - CHINA

    State of emergency scuppers tourism, Chinese and Indian warships nearby

    The Parliament extended the measure for another 30 days. Tour operators cancel hotel and flight reservations. The crisis is part of the regional power struggle between Beijing and Delhi.

    21/02/2018 - SYRIA - TURKEY

    Syrian army come to aid of Afrin’s Kurdish militias against Turkish offensive

    Pro-government forces have reached the autonomous region to the north, where YPJ Kurds are holding off an attack by Turkish forces. Erdogan threatens to besiege the area to bend the Kurdish resistance. International diplomacy fears an escalation of the conflict between Damascus and Ankara. A desperate situation envelopes East Ghouta.

    21/02/2018 - VATICAN-CHINA-RUSSIA

    The Ostpolitik of today and the 'outgoing' Church (III)

    by Stefano Caprio*

    The collapse of Soviet communism gave reason to the Vatican political choices in opening up to Russia and Eastern Europe. The new Ostpolitik announces a new world without geographic or confessional delineations. Pope Francis pushes the Church towards the peripheries and towards the high sea, as St. John Paul II had hoped. Part III of an expert analysis.

    21/02/2018 - ISRAEL

    Deportation of Migrants: arrest of first seven Eritreans who refuse to leave Israel

    Two of them survived torture in the Sinai. Refugees from the Holot detention center launch a hunger strike: "They are throwing our lives away". Israel wants to expel 15-20 thousand refugees, the prisons can only take 1,000.

    20/02/2018 - TURKEY – GREECE

    Seventeen Turkish officials seek political asylum in Greece

    by NAT da Polis

    The group of civil servants and judges with their families claim they are victims of persecution by the Turkish regime. Tensions between Turkey and Greece are bound to rise as both claim inlets off the coast of Turkey.

    20/02/2018 - INDIA

    The year 2017 was the worst for Christians in India

    by Purushottam Nayak

    An evangelical group issued a report highlighting 351 cases of violence, but the figure is not exhaustive, as many victims are afraid to come forth to report attacks to police. In three years, attacks against churches and other places of worship increased by 28 per cent.

    20/02/2018 - KOREA

    Defeated on ice, but 'first' in history, joint Korean hockey team players hug

    After losing to Sweden in their last match, the Korean team ends up in seventh place. Players burst into tears at their imminent separation. "Politicians made that executive decision [to have a joint team]. Our players and staff are the ones that made it work,” said the team’s proud Canadian coach. One South Korean athlete hopes the country is proud of them. "It was bigger than hockey."

    20/02/2018 - UZBEKISTAN

    Tashkent, 18 thousand removed from the 'blacklist' of extremists

    In the Karimov era, with the fight against religious extremism, the secret services justified abuse and were the armed arm against dissent. Mirzyoyev denounces torture of innocent people and promises to bring the guilty to justice.


    Indonesia sees no consequence of Russian jet sale on relations with United States

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    Half of the US$ 1.14 billion deal will be paid with a barter scheme. In recent years, Indonesia has turned to Russia to upgrade its air force, turning down the offer of US F-16s. Since 2013, the Kremlin has supplied the Indonesian Air Force with five Su-27 and eleven Su-30 aircraft.

    20/02/2018 - SYRIA

    The Syrian army ready for the offensive in Ghouta east. Dozens of civilian victims

    At least 100 people died in one day alone yesterday, including 20 children; added to these are 470 wounded. The UN calls for an end to the bombings and talks about an "out of control" situation. Deposits and hospital facilities also affected. The rebels respond by throwing mortars on Damascus.

    20/02/2018 - THAILAND-JAPAN

    Surrogacy, Japanese man given 'lone custody’ of 13 children

    In 2014, the case caused a scandal, prompting the authorities to enact a law that prevents foreigners from seeking services of commercial subrogation in Thailand. Wombs for rent industry first moved to Cambodia and, after a ban there, to Laos.

    19/02/2018 - SAUDI ARABIA

    Women to open own businesses without the permission of a male guardian

    The Saudi Ministry of Commerce made the announcement yesterday. The Saudi public prosecutor’s office has begun to hire women. After the passport department advertised 140 jobs for women, 107,000 applications were received.

    19/02/2018 - BANGLADESH

    Garo Christians attacked, robbed in Dhaka complain attackers want to ‘steal our land’

    by Sumon Corraya

    Christian tribal organisations organised a protest in the capital, but police prevented them from doing so in front of the National Museum to censor the fact that soldiers raped two sisters.

    19/02/2018 - PHILIPPINES

    Church offers prayers and solidarity to Filipino migrants abroad

    by Santosh Digal

    About ten million Filipinos work abroad. From January to November last year, they sent home about 1.4 trillion pesos (US$ 2.6 billion). They often endure abuse and exploitation. The country’s bishops back the government’s "the total ban" on workers going to Kuwait.

    Editor's choices

    Snehonir, the 'house of tenderness' for the disabled (photos)

    Founded 25 years ago by Shanti Rani Sisters and PIME missionaries in Rajshahi, the facility is open to the mentally and physically disabled, deaf, blind, orphans, poor, and abandoned. The guiding principle is to start them in life.

    Defeated on ice, but 'first' in history, joint Korean hockey team players hug

    After losing to Sweden in their last match, the Korean team ends up in seventh place. Players burst into tears at their imminent separation. "Politicians made that executive decision [to have a joint team]. Our players and staff are the ones that made it work,” said the team’s proud Canadian coach. One South Korean athlete hopes the country is proud of them. "It was bigger than hockey."


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