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Nuclear deal: Iran diluted half of its higher-grade enriched uranium stockpile
The International Agency for Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announces results. The United States responds by unfreezing funds for US$ 450 million. Hope remains for a final deal by next July.
Tehran (AsiaNews/Agencies) - Iran has diluted half of its higher-grade enriched uranium stockpile in accordance with the deal reached in Geneva with the 5 +1 group (United States, Russia, China, Britain France...

04/18/2014 LAOS - THAILANDIA
Thai geologists warn Xayaburi dam is an earthquake risk
The huge barrage under construction on the Laotian section of Mekong River is located near active fault lines and is therefore vulnerable to seismic activity. There is a 30 per cent chance of a medium-sized earthquake in the next 30 years, and a 10 per cent chance of a magnitude 7 tremor. Builders claim instead that the project complies with all earthquake safety rules
04/16/2014 CHINA
Dongguan: 40,000 workers down tools again
Strike hits Yue Yuen, a company that works for giants such as Nike, Adidas and Timberland. Workers complain about the level of payments for pensions, want higher wages, better medical insurance, and injury compensation.
04/16/2014 JAPAN
Japan’s whalers want to return to sea "soon"
The Japanese organization for whalers proposes a change in program to international community to in exchange for the resumption of activities. They also seek an injunction against the environmental movement Sea Shepherd, which follows the whalers to boycott them at sea.
04/15/2014 ASIA
Asia home to world’s biggest arms traders
This was revealed by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute ( SIPRI). After the United States, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and India are - in this order - among the top 10 nations.

04/14/2014 KUWAIT
Kuwait invests 27 billion to upgrade refineries
The project aims to increase production capacity and reduce pollution. Contracts signed with the UK's Petrofac, US-based Fluor and Japan's JGC Corporation. Most of the other companies South Korean .
04/14/2014 AFGHANISTAN
Elections in Afghanistan, exit polls put Abdullah Abdullah in the lead
The Independent Electoral Commission has scrutinized about 500 thousand votes in 26 provinces . The candidate of the National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA, Islamic democracy) is in the lead with 41.9% , followed by Ashraf Ghani with 37.6% . Final results expected for April 24.
04/12/2014 CHINA
With benzene in water, residents in Gansu city storm supermarkets to buy bottled water
Lanzhou officials ask residents not to drink tap water because it may cause death. Illegal spilling of toxic sewage by a chemical plant is thought to be at the root of the problem. As things get worse across the country, the central government appears to be powerless vis-à-vis the problem.
04/11/2014 VATICAN
Pope: defend the rights of the child to life, not to be exploited, not to become the subject of "educational experiments"
"Abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes". The "divorce between economics and morality" leads one to consider even the little ones "waste". "Supporting the right of parents to decide the moral and religious education of their children ."
04/10/2014 SRI LANKA
Tamil and Sinhalese New Year celebrated together at fair and equitable exhibition
by Melani Manel Perera
Organised by the Savisthri women's movement in Colombo, the event aims to promote more sustainable trade between producers and buyers. Goods on sale included rice, cereals, shoes and handmade clothes, jewellery, sweet meat, jaggery and honey. This year, both Tamil and Sinhalese communities will celebrate the New Year on 14 April.
04/10/2014 CHINA
China: import-export falls again in March amid fears of another recession
Exports decline for a second month in a row, losing 6.6 percentage points compared to last year. Imports down 11.3%. The government announces a mini-stimulus package for small businesses and railways.
04/09/2014 SRI LANKA
Government gives back rice fields occupied by the military to 29 Tamil families
Sri Lanka security forces had taken over the area during the country's civil war. Now internally displaced families will be able to farm 98 acres in Vellamullivaikkal East, an area in northern Sri Lanka largely inhabited by Tamils.
04/09/2014 INDIA
Indian elections, 70 % of candidates in Maharashtra under investigation
The most serious situation concerns the Bharatiya Janata Party (Hindu nationalist BJP): Four out of seven politicians are accused of kidnapping, criminal intimidation and extortion. State citizens will vote in three rounds: the first tomorrow.
Drought in Syria could bring hunger to 6.5 million people
According to the United Nations, rainfall since September has been less than half the long-term average, reducing wheat yields. This comes at a time when food parcels to Syrian families were cut by 20 per cent because of a drop in donors' contribution.
04/08/2014 KOREA
Number of North Korean refugees in South Korea up this year
Despite rising risks, statistics show that in the first quarter of this year show, 360 North Koreans fled Kim's regime seeking refuge in the southern part of the peninsula. However, it is impossible to know how many have decided to stay in China.

Altri articoli
Manus refugees, a social tragedy that hangs over Papua New Guinea's head by Giorgio Licini*
04/08/2014 TAIWAN
Taipei, students announce end of Parliament occupation
04/07/2014 VATICAN
Pope approves IOR reform, it will continue its "important mission" for the Church
04/07/2014 SRI LANKA
Sri Lankan papers go "anti-mosquito" for a day to fight dengue fever by Melani Manel Perera
04/07/2014 INDIA
Christian leader wants to see a "new" democratic India that is against corruption and for the elderly by Nirmala Carvalho
04/07/2014 INDIA
India, 2014 general election begins
04/07/2014 SYRIA
People are still dying in Homs, Damascus and Jordanian refugee camps
04/05/2014 IRAN - USA
For the first time since the Islamic revolution, Boeing reopens exports to Iran
04/05/2014 JAPAN
Architecture's "nobel” goes to man who built "paper houses"
04/04/2014 CHINA
Protests against chemical plant in Maoming reach Guangdong capital
Israel says "no" to the release of Palestinian prisoners by Joshua Lapide
04/03/2014 CHINA
Old Wine in an Ancient Bottle: Changes in Chinese State Ideology by Carl Minzner
04/03/2014 TAIWAN
Taipei, government backs down on trade agreements with China
04/03/2014 INDIA
Indian elections: IT bosses running for seats in Bangalore
Editor's choices
Xi Jinping returns home full of deals and silence
by Bernardo CervelleraThe Chinese president signed agreements worth tens of billions of Euros in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. He also stayed clear of any press conference. At the College of Europe in Bruges, he presented his dream of a new trillion-dollar Silk Road. Yet, he also made it clear that at home, the monopoly of power stays with the Party, squashing any dream for political reform in China. On the Internet, netizens disagree with him.
Pope announces a 'festival of forgiveness' for 28-29 March in St Peter's Basilica and churches around the worldPope Francis made the announcement after today's Angelus. "We must celebrate the forgiveness the Lord gives us as did the father in the parable of the prodigal son, who, when the latter returned, organised a party, putting out of his mind all the things the son had done." When Jesus met the woman of Samaria, he "tore through the biased mind-set against women." The pontiff also called on the pilgrims to say, "Every encounter with Jesus changes one's life; every encounter with Jesus fills us with joy." He also sent his greetings to a Japanese school.
Top 10
04/14/2014 VATICAN
For pope, the seminary is not a refuge, hence 'Woe do the wicked shepherds'
04/14/2014 PAKISTAN
Lahore: third postponement in Asia Bibi's appeal as Islamist threats against judges continue
by Jibran Khan
04/14/2014 SYRIA
I will miss you Fr Frans, you inspired us all, says Syrian Jesuit
by Tony Homsy*
04/12/2014 CHINA
With benzene in water, residents in Gansu city storm supermarkets to buy bottled water
04/17/2014 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, tribal Catholic gang raped: Christians and Muslims demand justice
by Sumon Corraya
04/16/2014 VATICAN
Pope: The Resurrection "is not a happy ending in a movie" but "a humble victory of God, that humanly looks like a failure"
04/14/2014 BANGLADESH
Fr Silvano Garello, a missionary that translated Church into Bangla
by Sumon Corraya
04/14/2014 MYANMAR
Easter in Yangon: Catholics "source of reconciliation, peace and prosperity for the country"
by Francis Khoo Thwe

04/13/2014 VATICAN
Pope asks, Am I like Pilate? When the situation gets tough, do I wash my hands?
04/14/2014 CHINA
Beijing: two more Zhou Yongkang cronies arrested


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