06 December 2016
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  • mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato

    06/12/2016 - BANGLADESH

    Poverty and traditional Islamic culture are the main causes. 55% of brides are under 18 years of age; 18% under 15. A new law would allow the wedding in "special circumstances" to save the honor of the girls. Three stories of child marriages.


    by Sumon Corraya

    06/12/2016 - ISRAEL - PALESTINE

    Israel, the Knesset set to legalize settlements and outposts in the Occupied Territories

    Draft norm that legalizes houses and settlements, in violation of international law, approved. Three more votes needed for entry into force. Main supporters include Bennet. B'Tselem study shows the dynamics of expropriation of land and denounces the frustration of the Palestinians. "Distorted" interpretation the law

    06/12/2016 - CHINA

    It's official: China holds world record for pollution

    The highly industrialized Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is also the most polluted. The problem stems from development model and the few investments in the environment sector. The government’s broken promises.


    05/12/2016 - AFGHANISTAN

    As opium cultivation rises in Afghanistan, children are recruited by drug dealers

    In Herat province, opium poppy cultivation has grown significantly. The poor and children are paying the price of this, to the benefit of the Taliban and drug traffickers.

    05/12/2016 - INDIA

    Chennai, tribal cooperative provides snakebite antidote

    Until the seventies, the tribe of Irula hunted and sold the skins of snakes. With the ban of the practice, the tribe risked being left without a livelihood. The poisonous serum is injected into horses, which produce a natural antidote. Around 46 thousand Indians die each year from snakebites.


    05/12/2016 - CHINA-HONG KONG

    Hong Kong - Shenzhen stock connect launched

    A new step towards integrating China and world markets. But this morning’s results have not met expectations. The Shenzhen technology companies are coveted by global investors. But the Chinese - with the yuan that has lost 10% in value in two years – are  looking towards foreign investments.


    03/12/2016 - EGYPT

    For Egyptian activist, new law is a “very harsh and not understandable” attack against NGOs operating in the country

    Iman Bibars slams the new law adopted by Egypt’s parliament, which leaves scope for interpretation and corruption, and does not counter the flow of money into the coffers of extremist movements. In the end, it will harm the activities of associations working for the country’s development.

    03/12/2016 - CHINA – UNITED STATES – TAIWAN

    Tsai Ing-wen’s call to Trump irritates Beijing

    The two presidents congratulate each other, talk about close economic, political and security relations between Taiwan and the United States. This has not happened in almost 40 years. The “US sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call," wonders Trump. Speculation is ripe about possible shifts in US policy towards Beijing.

    03/12/2016 - INDIA

    Open Letter from a Christian leader to Prime Minister Modi asking him to restore a cash-based economy

    by Sajan K George

    Sajan K George writes to the head of the Indian government warning him about the dangers of withdrawing 500- and 1,000-rupee banknotes. The elimination of cash affects the whole economy, creating problems for the social system and agricultural production. Action should be taken before Christmas.

    02/12/2016 - NEPAL

    Poverty, emigration, the main causes of AIDS in Nepal with the sick discriminated at school and in society

    by Christopher Sharma

    Each year, more than a thousand cases are recorded in the Himalayan country, mostly due to unprotected sex. Migrants are infected abroad, in India and the Middle East. HIV-positive children are denied the right to an education.

    02/12/2016 - NORTH KOREA

    Pyongyang slams new UN sanctions, whose effective application is doubted

    The UN hopes to deprive North Korea of ​​about US$ 700 million a year in export revenues. For North Korean authorities, this is another violation by the US-controlled United Nations. Pyongyang tells Trump that it is a nuclear power.

    02/12/2016 - IRAN - USA

    US Senate approves the extension of sanctions against Tehran

    Iran Sanctions Act provides for the extension to 10 years of sanctions. The text approved by 99 votes in favor, 0 votes against. Previously, the Chamber had given the green light to the law. It now needs the signature of outgoing President Obama. The point people of the future Trump administration, include the head of the CIA, ready to cancel the international agreement. Approval in Israel.


    01/12/2016 - SYRIA - UN

    UN: Aleppo east, "one giant graveyard”, humanitarian corridors needed

    The UN Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs appeals to those who can "influence" the tide. The urgent need "to protect civilians" on the run "and ensure" access to the area under siege. " Opposition sources define Aleppo "one giant graveyard " as Assad's troops begin the "showdown".


    01/12/2016 - ASIA

    OPEC agree to reduce crude oil production for the first time in eight years

    The agreement was reached in Vienna. The Petroleum Exporting Countries will cut daily oil production of 1.2 million barrels. Even Russia, not in OPEC, will remove 300 thousand barrels from the market. Thefinal agreement possible thanks to the agreement  between the Iranians and Saudis.


    30/11/2016 - NEPAL

    Nepali authorities “bow” to illegal investment by an Indian guru

    by Christopher Sharma

    Baba Ramdev has invested 1.5 billion rupees (almost US$ 14 million) through an NGO she heads. Nepali laws establish tight controls on foreign funds, and the guru did not have the right permits. His popularity is being used to re-establish a Hindu confessional state.

    30/11/2016 - MYANMAR

    Kachin activists call for an end to the war and to illegal arrests

    The Joint Strategy Team (JST), which has provided humanitarian assistance in Kachin state since 2011, calls for an end to the fighting between government and rebel forces. The number of casualties is unknown but thousands of displaced people have sought refuge in China. People are in a dire situation but the military have blocked humanitarian aid.


    First 85 kilometres of the TAT railway inaugurated

    29/11/2016 - JAPAN

    Avian flu outbreak in Japan, 330,000 chickens and ducks culled

    The virus was found on farms in two prefectures, but other cases might still be discovered elsewhere. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe immediately gave orders to implement health provisions as required in such circumstances.

    29/11/2016 - INDIA

    "Day of Rage" against rupees recall brings tens of thousands to streets

    The protest was mostly peaceful. Opposition parties have called upon the population to protest the recall of the most used banknote. Premier asks party colleagues to show their bank statements to dispel doubts of complicity.


    28/11/2016 - VIETNAM

    Pollution emergency destroys tourism in central Vietnam

    by Tran Vinh

    In some areas affected by the Formosa Plastics Group scandal, revenues are down by 90 per cent with thousands of jobs lost. Fishermen, small businesses and local artisans are especially at risk. Locals want the authorities to help people. Instead, they only reassure locals that the water is clean.

    28/11/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope says normative system to protect nature is "essential"

    Speaking to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Francis returns to highlight how "the he submission of politics to a technology and an economy which seek profit" is demonstrated by the failure or delay in implementing the agreements on environmental protection or the "continued wars of domination camouflaged by righteous claims".

    28/11/2016 - SOUTH KOREA

    Park close to impeachment after large-scale demonstrations bring together 2 million people

    Opposition parties plan to present a motion in parliament in two-days time. Demonstrations take place in different South Korean cities. In Seoul alone, some 1.5 million people come together.

    28/11/2016 - BANGLADESH

    Gazipur, Catholic church burgled. Fear among the faithful

    by Sumon Corraya

    Twenty thieves broke in overnight on Saturday, November 26 and tied up the guards and pastor. The latter was threatened with death and had to reveal where the valuables were. In the past three years, six similar robberies of church property, and two burglaries at a convent.


    27/11/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope: Advent, the contrast between our daily routine and the sudden coming of the Lord

    In the first Angelus of Advent, Pope Francis said that "the Lord’s visit with humanity", at Christmas, also takes place "every day" and will occur when "He will come in glory to judge the living and the dead." "The Gospel does not want to frighten us, but for us to widen our horizons". "... Our Lady help us to not consider ourselves owners of our lives, not to resist when the Lord comes to change it".

    26/11/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope on economy of religious institutes: fidelity to charism and discernment

    In a message to 1000 general economists from institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life, Pope Francis asks them to rethink their economic strategies never putting profits first rather fidelity to their charisma and self-giving. Reviewing their works, collaborating with other institutes and with the local Church, to implement a "responsible austerity". "The hypocrisy of consecrated persons who live like the rich  - he said - hurts the consciences of the faithful and damages the Church". 

    26/11/2016 - CUBA - VATICAN

    Fidel Castro, father of the Cuban revolution, has died

    His body will be cremated today. He led the island for 50 years. In 2008 he passed the presidency to his brother Raul. He attempted to export the Marxist revolution to Latin America and Africa. Some economic and social achievements at home, along with a heavy oppression of human rights. The disappearance of myth after the fall of the USSR. The Catholic Church and the Popes, catalysts of a transformation on the island nation.

    26/11/2016 - INDONESIA

    Jakarta stops national school exams: it costs too much and everyone copies

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    Middle and high school students spend months preparing for the Ujian Nasional. Too many cases of corruption and the disparity between the level of candidates from region to region.

    26/11/2016 - INDIA

    Manmohan Singh: Rupees recall a failure, legalized theft

    After more than two weeks, the situation for the poor and the middle class is worsening. Long queues at ATMs remain, protests and clashes have caused 70 deaths. Bankers caught stealing money suspended. Opposition parties propose the "day of rage".

    25/11/2016 - CHINA

    No fresh or live fish in Beijing might signal fresh food safety scandals

    Supermarket fish tanks are emptied. The China Food and Drug Administration plans inspections to check food safety. Food poisoning and safety issues boost fears among ordinary Chinese.

    25/11/2016 - UZBEKISTAN

    Interim President Mirziyaev frees two major political opponents

    Individuals were deemed “troublesome” by the previous government. After two months in office, interim President Shavkat Mirziyaev seems more "moderate" than his predecessor, Islam Karimov.

    25/11/2016 - LAOS

    Vientiane planning a new dam on the Mekong. Criticism from activists and neighboring countries

    The 912 megawatt Pak Beng hydroelectric plant would be the third managed by Vietiane, that aims to become the "battery of Asia." Mekong River Commission impeached, for facilitating Laos in the two previous projects: "This time we will ensure a more thorough review of the project". One of the richest ecosystems in the world at risk.


    Editor's choices

    "Adopt a Christian from Mosul": A Christmas gift to survive winter

    Bernardo Cervellera

    As Iraqi troops advance in the Nineveh Plain and Mosul, a new wave of refugees could overshadow the fate of other refugees who found hospitality in Kurdistan. People need kerosene, winter clothes, aid for children, and money for rent. The campaign AsiaNews launched two years ago is more urgent than ever. Give up a superfluous gift to offer refugees an essential gift for life.

    Pastor of Amadiya: Mosul’s Christian refugees, torn between emergency aid and the longing to return home

    P. Samir Youssef

    In a letter Fr. Samir Youssef describes the situation of refugees, exiled from their home for more than two years. They are closely following the offensive to retake Mosul, although their homes and churches "are for the most part" burned or destroyed. With the arrival of winter there is a serve lack of heating oil, clothes, food and money to pay for their children’s school bus. An appeal to continue to support the AsiaNews campaign.


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