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10/09/2015 TUNISIA – ISLAM
Tunisian Christians and Muslims are excited by the Nobel Prize, a sign that “we are on the right path”
For Carthage’s parish priest, the Nobel given to the Quartet is a recognition of the good results achieved in Tunisia during and after the Arab Spring. It is an encouragement for all Arab and Muslim nations. Muslim lawyer stresses the importance of civil society in the country's transformation. For him, democracy and transparency are lacking in many Arab and Muslim countries, but they "are not Western values; they are for everyone."
Tunis (AsiaNews) – Reactions in the Tunisian capital to the announcement that the National Dialogue Quartet* received the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize are enthusiastic, among both Muslims and Christians, ranging from...

10/09/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian Jesuit: Migrants are modern slaves, let us help them regain dignity
by Mathias Hariyadi
Fr. Benedictus Hari Juliawan speaks of the Jesuits’ work with the boat people since 2010. Migration flows affect countries of Southeast Asia. The islands of Eastern Indonesia turned into forced labor camps. "About 700 thousand people a year leave the country to find work. They fall prey to human trafficking mafia ".
10/09/2015 CHINA
China’s sluggish economy boosting strike actions and protests over wages
In a report on the third quarter of 2015, the China Labour Bulletin shows, with figures and tables, the rising tide of labour protest, with almost 600 incidents. Contraction in manufacturing and unscrupulous employers are behind the trend. In some instances, this is taking an extreme turn. In the city of Jiaxing alone, three groups of workers commit suicide over a ten-day period.
10/09/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka, trade unions and activists defend domestic workers
by Melani Manel Perera
The project launched on the occasion of the Day for Dignified Work. Union: "Domestic workers are exposed to violence and abuse by employers." The purpose of the project is "give them value, dignity, protection and respect."
10/08/2015 INDIA
Intellectuals condemn beef lynching as Modi boosts Hindutva
Writer Nayantara Sahgal and poet Ashok Vajpeyi return the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award. Indian president and Home minister speak out for diversity, tolerance and plurality in India. Politicians from the Bharatiya Janata Party instead make statements fomenting sectarian hate. The prime minister tightens beef export controls. Opposition parties, particularly Congress, fail to counter sectarian violence in the country.

10/08/2015 INDONESIA
Family planning is a good thing, not abortion and contraceptives
by Mathias Hariyadi
Members of the Catholic Church in Indonesia are in favour of government family planning, as long as it promotes “responsible parenthood." Started by Suharto in the 1970s, family planning had fallen by the wayside after 1998. Now the government wants to cut population growth, deemed a burden on the economy.
10/08/2015 RUSSIA - VATICAN
The Russian edition Laudato sì encyclical, opportunity for ecumenical dialogue in Moscow
by Marta Allevato
Translation presented at Spirit Library Cultural Centre, in the presence of the Vatican nuncio. The event focused on the dialogue between Father Igor Kovalevsky, secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference and the Russian Orthodox theologian Fr. Vladimir Shmalij.
10/07/2015 NEPAL
India’s embargo against Nepal continues: no more electricity, schools close
by Christopher Sharma
After 13 days of a border blockade the country "has set us back many years. Without fuel or gas we are using wood". Government bans private cars; half of ambulance fleet stranded without fuel; thousands of students forced to take a vacation.
10/07/2015 INDIA
Hindutiva’s discourse of hate, the life of "sacred cows" is “more precious than that of a human being"
by Ram Puniyani
Cows are sacred. Crimes against them are used to stir up political hatred for electoral purposes, even though India is a large beef exporter. Gandhi once said that there should be “fullest recognition of freedom to the Muslims to slaughter". Ram Puniyani, president of the Center for Study of Society and Secularism in Mumbai, looks at the lynching of Muslims suspected of consuming beef.
‘Big Xi’ idolatry fails to dispel doubts about US visit
by Willy Lam
The Chinese leader’s visit to the United States and the United Nations did not produce concrete results. However, for Chinese media - and to some extent international media – it was a milestone. The president wanted to distract the average Chinese from the country’s economic problems. Although he partly succeeded, he did not bring home anything significant. What follows is an analysis by the great China expert, courtesy of the Jamestown Foundation.
10/06/2015 SRI LANKA
Eliminating poverty by distributing lands for agriculture. President Sirisena’s plan
by Melani Manel Perera
The unused land owned by the state and private citizens will be converted to agricultural production. Sri Lanka imports more than 80% of the food needs for chilli, soy, green and black beans. In 2014 it spent about 38 million euro. Sirisena to return about 600 acres of land confiscated by the military in the north to their owners.
Turkey and NATO against Russian raids. But the US "are not serious in the fight against the Islamic State"
by Paul Dakiki
Twice Russian military planes trespassed into Turkish airspace. NATO accuses Moscow of "irresponsible behavior". The UN is concerned about the " a lot of different countries and different coalitions " fighting in Syrian skies. A war for hegemony and influence in the Middle East. Iraq prefers the Russians to the US-led coalition: they are more "serious" in fighting Daesh. Even Italy goes to war.
Pacific free trade treaty signed, covering 40% of the world economy
After five years of negotiations, the United States reaches deal with 11 other nations in the region on treaty which provides for the removal of trade barriers - including tariff - and adaptation of commercial standards. Obama: "We cannot allow the rules of the world economy to be set by China." Beijing welcomes "with caution" the news but does not join group.
10/05/2015 VATICAN
Synod: Facing the challenges of today’s world against family as Christians
The reports before proceedings. Card. Erdo: indissolubility and mercy for marriage, mission and witness of Christian spouses, support and truth for couples "with problems", respect for and responsibility towards life". "Need for proper and merciful pastoral care for divorced and civilly remarried which, however, without any room for doubts regarding truth of the indissolubility of marriage as taught by Jesus Christ himself. The mercy of God offers forgiveness to the sinner, but it demands conversion".
Xi Jinping’s “harvest” in the US: Understanding of Chinese people's anger
by Wei Jingsheng
The author of the "Democracy Wall" comments on the Chinese President’s week in America. The arrogance of the Chinese delegation collides with US pragmatism, it can resolve issues related to cyber-terrorism and the economy on its own. The South China Sea "a false problem: Beijing could not withstand a frontal attack by the United States and ASEAN nations." The real result is a growing understanding of the extent of the discontent at home: "Without human rights and rule of law, the party will collapse."

Altri articoli
10/05/2015 RUSSIA
Moscow ready to tax oil companies and meet with OPEC and non-OPEC members
10/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Parents and educators, instruments "of the love with which Jesus embraces the little ones"
10/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.
10/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Every family is always a light in the darkness of the world, may synod set out once more from Nazareth
10/03/2015 VATICAN
Pope to the Food Bank: counter food waste by distributing it to the poor
10/03/2015 CHINA
Guangxi parcel-bomb suspect died in one of the explosions
10/03/2015 ASIA
Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the top ten of the world economy
Government cuts subsidies for its largely impoverished citizens by Alexander Kim
Top world leaders focus on economics and war at UN General Assembly
Jakarta chooses Beijing for the country’s first high-speed train by Mathias Hariyadi
10/02/2015 CHINA
Beijing, industrial production falls to 2009 levels
10/01/2015 INDIA
Indian Jesuit warns that people are starving as governments do nothing by Nirmala Carvalho
10/01/2015 VATICAN
Almost 232 million migrants and 45 million refugees and internally displaced persons
10/01/2015 PHILIPPINES
Child slaves in Filipino gold mines, "a cultural problem to be solved"
Editor's choices
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.The opening Mass of the Synod on "The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world," Pope Francis speaks of the paradoxes of global society: "power" accompanied by loneliness and helplessness." Today's man "ridicules" the family and love, but thirsts for it. The Church bears witness to indissoluble love, but must not forget to care and sustain "the man who falls or who errs." "A Church with closed doors betrays itself and its mission, and instead of being a bridge it becomes a barrier."
Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the top ten of the world economyWorld Economic Forum on competitiveness ranking published. Top three unchanged since last year: Switzerland, Singapore and the United States. Japan sixth, followed by Hong Kong. The world economy is slowing down compared to the previous decade, only exception- addition to China - India, which gains 16 positions.
Top 10
10/07/2015 LEBANON-ISLAM
Muslim toddler cured by a miracle of St. Charbel (Video)
Rolando Del Torchio, a former PIME missionary, abducted in Dipolog City
10/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope: In “extremely difficult social and marital context”, Church called to carry out mission in fidelity, truth and charity.
10/03/2015 ASIA
Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong in the top ten of the world economy
10/05/2015 BANGLADESH
Protestant clergyman in stabbing by three, possibly Muslim attackers
by Sumon Corraya
10/05/2015 SYRIA
For the bishop of Aleppo, the destruction in Palmyra is a warning from the Islamic State to the West
10/05/2015 VATICAN
Synod: Facing the challenges of today’s world against family as Christians
Top world leaders focus on economics and war at UN General Assembly
10/02/2015 VATICAN
Synod: 270 bishops and 18 married couples to speak about the family
10/05/2015 NEPAL
Women sold as sex slaves in Tanzania and Qatar
by Christopher Sharma


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