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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
01/24/2015 INDIA - USA
Obama in India: nuclear energy, terrorism and climate change (in the shadow of China and Pakistan)
The President of the United States lands tomorrow in New Delhi, on his first official visit since the installation of Prime Minister Modi. The tenant of the White House will participate in the parade for India’s Republic Day, but the main issue is the possibility of new investments. An Indian law is likely to curb the "atomic aspirations" of Narendra Modi.
New Delhi (AsiaNews) - Barack Obama's arrival in India opens a question of 182 billion dollars that is attracting the attention of almost all the great Asian states. According to Bloomberg analysts' estimates this is the amount...

01/23/2015 VATICAN
Mass media: learning a more authentic and human communication from the family
In his message for the 49th World Day of Social Communications, Pope Francis calls the family "the paradigm of communication." In it, as in the womb, you learn encounter, language, prayer, closeness, forgiveness. The media often treat the family as "an object" over which to wage ideological battles and not as a place in which to learn to communicate. We need to "relearn to tell, not just to produce and consume information".
01/23/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
King Abdullah, the timid Saudi reformer, is dead
He is succeeded by his half-brother Salman. The Crown Prince is Moqren. Ambiguous relations with the United States, but also with China. Proponent of a peace plan for Israel and Palestine, but opposed to the Arab spring. His meeting with Benedict XVI. Supporter of the opponents of Bashar Assad and Iran's enemy. The Wahhabi kingdom must defend itself against al Qaeda and the Islamic State.
01/22/2015 RUSSIA
In his first address before the State Duma, Patriarch Kirill calls for a revival of Soviet-era solidarity
by Nina Achmatova
The Russian Orthodox primate spoke before the lower house of parliament. For experts, Russia is a in the middle of economic and international crises, and must mobilise its institutions, especially religious ones.
01/22/2015 CHINA
Shanxi: fight against "superstition" leads to hunting witches and feng shui masters
Shanxi's provincial authorities have launched a two-month-long campaign against superstitious activities, which includes the organisation of pro-science events. However, the practice of feng shui and witches and shamans are part of China's ancient tradition, and have become an important tourist attraction. Thus, some fear a negative grassroots backlash.

01/22/2015 SRI LANKA
Government reinstates former General Sarath Fonseka
by Melani Manel Perera
His military grades and civil rights are restored, including the ability to stand in elections, the general was ousted by former President Rajapaksa. After receiving the amnesty, the former army chief says: "The most cruel leader of this country has tried to uproot me from history. I am ready to work for Sri Lanka and for the people."
01/22/2015 YEMEN
President Hadi and Houthi militias reach agreement
Shiite militias free besieged palace and the chief of staff. In return the constitution will be amended and greater representation given to Houthi in state institutions. The United States supports the agreement. The most serious problem in Yemen is the presence of al Qaeda.
01/22/2015 KOREA - RUSSIA - CHINA
Kim Jong-un chooses Russia for first state visit
"Pyongyang accepts" invitation to visit the country for the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. List of invitees includes South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who has yet to confirm her presence. The North Korean dictator interrupts the family tradition and does not go to Beijing.
01/21/2015 TIBET
Chinese mining threatens Tibetans' environment and life
Fresh protests against mining operations break out in Qinghai Province. Locals slam mountain deforestation and waterways pollution caused by complicity between mine owners and local and central government officials.
01/21/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Poverty is not caused by many children, but throw-away culture
Acts of “brutality” in Niger against “children, against churches", "war can never be waged in the name of God". The trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. St. Joseph Vaz "a model for all Christians, called today to propose the saving truth of the Gospel in a multi-religious context". "Care for the poor is an essential element of our Christian life and witness; it involves the rejection of all forms of corruption, because corruption steals from the poor, it demands a culture of honesty."
01/21/2015 CHINA
China’s labor force collapses: four million less in a year
The National Bureau of Statistics publishes data on 2014. The total population is growing, but not enough to cover the increase in retirees and to ensure the sustainability of the welfare state, the health system and pensions. Competitiveness of national exports also at risk, the real engine of economic expansion in past 30 years.
01/21/2015 ISRAEL
Tel Aviv, 12 stabbed in bus attack
Four injured passengers are in critical condition. The police suspect terrorist attack of a "lone wolf". The assailant is a young 23 year old from Tulkarem (West Bank).
01/20/2015 SRI LANKA - CHINA
Moving away from China, Sri Lanka puts Chinese "mega-projects" on hold
Maithripala Sirisena, Sri Lanka's newly elected president, wants closer ties to India. The new government is convinced that Chinese-funded project will cost the country. It also plans to renegotiate its position vis-à-vis the International Monetary Fund.
01/20/2015 ASIA
A billion viewers, illegal betting, and global jihadism at the 2015 Asian Cup
The tournament, held in Australia between 9 and 31 January, is now in the final knockout phase. So far, it has attracted a record number of viewers in Asia, where it is already the sporting event of the year. Match-fixing and illegal betting are being closely monitored. In Mosul, the Islamic state executed 13 teenagers for their love of the game.
01/20/2015 CHINA
China, growth at 7.4%, the lowest in 24 years
by Wang Zhicheng
For Premier Li Keqiang, the country is entering a new phase of "normality". The economy is gently slowing, after fears of a violent collapse. Fixed investment falls; the property market among the most affected.

Altri articoli
On his flight home, the pope said that the gift of tears, the Filipino people, the people of God, were the real protagonists
01/19/2015 CHINA
Chinese shares plunge over fears that the real estate bubble will burst
01/19/2015 CHINA
Henan, "thugs" destroy a small local company. Police fail to intervene
01/19/2015 ASIA
In 2016, 1% of the richest own more than the remaining 99% (Oxfam)
Pope: Help young people to build a better society, every child should be welcomed
Pope to young people of Manila: Know, cry, think, feel, be with the poor
01/17/2015 ASIA-ITALY
Rediscovering the faith thanks to the missionary Churches of Asia
The Pope in the storm of Tacloban: We have a God who weeps and walks with us in life’s catastrophes
Pakistan, injuries in protests against Charlie Hebdo. Paul Bhatti: risk of violent drift
Pope in Manila: listen to the voice of the poor and reject "all forms of corruption"
Card. Tagle: Music, faith, the secrets of the Philippine Church that boldly rises from disasters
Pope in Manila: Prepare fresh paths for the Gospel in Asia at the dawn of a new age
01/15/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
Riyadh builds a "Great Wall" to guard against the Islamic state
01/14/2015 CHINA
Cancer, a real threat to China's economic survival
Editor's choices
As 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' continues, Mosul bishop notes that Jesus is born amid refugee containers
by Amel NonaPersecuted by the Islamic state, refugees have lost everything: belongings, home, jobs, school, and their future. Yet, their faith and mission remain strong. For them, almost 900,000 euros have been raised and sent. Pope Francis sends a message of closeness. The campaign continues according to the Patriarch of Baghdad's proposal of fasting and moderation at Christmas and New Year, with the money saved offered to the Christians of Mosul.
Almost 700,000 euros raised as the 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' campaign continues
by Bernardo CervelleraA second instalment is sent with funds raised in September. The fate of East-West relations is being played out in the Middle East and Iraq. Pope Francis and the Synod issue an appeal. Governments are lukewarm. Aid is coming from around the world. A new international community is defeating the "globalisation of indifference."
Top 10
01/21/2015 MYANMAR
Burmese army rapes, tortures and kills two Christian Kachin teachers
by Francis Khoo Thwe
01/19/2015 CHINA - VATICAN
Pope Francis sends telegram to Xi Jinping. Xinhua’s black out on Philippines’ visit
01/21/2015 VATICAN
Pope: Poverty is not caused by many children, but throw-away culture
01/19/2015 FRANCE - ISLAM
After Charlie Hebdo, France and the West have to implement a "positive secularism"
by Fady Noun 

On his flight home, the pope said that the gift of tears, the Filipino people, the people of God, were the real protagonists
Evangelicals, Muslims, and indigenous Filipinos, grateful for the pope's visit
01/23/2015 MYANMAR
Thousands of people attend the funeral of Kachin Christian teachers raped and killed by soldiers
by Francis Khoo Thwe
01/21/2015 INDONESIA
Central Sulawesi, new wave of Islamist violence: Murders, kidnappings, mutilations
by Mathias Hariyadi
01/22/2015 ITALY - VATICAN
Chiara Lubich like Teresa of Avila: her process of beatification begins
by Costanzo Donegana*
Saudi dialogue centre harshly criticised for not condemning flogging of blogger Badawi


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