04/15/2014, 00.00
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Catholics in Nepal: With Christ's example, our leaders can save the country

by Christopher Sharma
In his homily during Palm Sunday Mass, Mgr Anthony Sharma, apostolic vicar of Nepal, slammed politicians for their failures. "They have made ​​so many promises that they have not kept." Hundreds of people, including young people who are preparing for baptism on Easter Eve, attended the service. "We shall give a Bible to our Members of Parliament," said one. "We hope they will find inspiration."

Kathmandu (AsiaNews) - Nepal's politicians "should all learn from Jesus' self-sacrifice in the name of the interests of the people and the nation. To speak about good things during the election campaign and fail to turn them into reality means mocking people," said Mgr Anthony Sharma, apostolic vicar of Nepal.

In his homily during Palm Sunday Mass, the prelate did not mince his words. For him, the country's leaders "have failed. They were supposed to write a secular constitution, and they did not. They made many promises and did not keep them."

Hundreds of people, including many non-Catholics, attended the service. Mgr Sharma asked them to "accept Jesus just as the people of Jerusalem did."

"We must always be ready to spread the message of God in our nation and the world," he explained. "We cannot call ourselves Catholics if we are not Catholic in the heart, ready to serve those in need".

Sirjana Khadka, a university student who will be baptised on Easter, is one of them. "God chose me to spread His word," she said. "I am proud to call myself a Catholic, proud to pass on my faith to friends and neighbours."

"Obviously, the Bible and God's grace are the best cure for the ills from which Nepal now suffers," she added. "Anyone who understands the Scriptures in their heart knows how to find solutions for the country or individuals."

For Khenchen Rai, another young man present at Mass, "Christ sacrificed himself for us, introducing himself to the world as an ordinary man. By contrast, many people, including our politicians, are committed to mere materialism and personal interests."

"We voters should give them a Bible and ask them to read it before they ask us to vote," he said.

"Indeed, it is what we young converts are planning to do: give a copy of the Bible to Members of Parliament. Hopefully, after reading it, they will find in Jesus a model to follow."

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