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Afghanistan, official date set for new presidential elections

It will be April 5, 2014. In his second term, President Karzai will not run for office, but promises "free and transparent" Elections. Considered "crucial" for the internal stability of the country, the vote will follow the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghan soil, by the end of 2014.

Kabul (AsiaNews / Agencies) - April 5, 2014 Afghanistan will vote to elect a new president of the country. It was officially announced by the Electoral Commission. Hamid Karzai, the current president, formally ends his second term in August 2014, and according to the Constitution, can not run a third time for charging. The presidential elections are considered crucial for the country's stability, after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghan soil, by the end of next year.

Critics fear that the president could attempt to manipulate the vote to ensure the victory of his ally. However, Karzai vehemently denies these allegations, and recognizes the importance of "transparent, free elections protected from fraud and interference." In 2009, his re-election was marred by numerous allegations of fraud.

According to the International Crisis Group (ICG), the withdrawal of NATO troops in December 2014 could lead to the collapse of the government and a civil war. For this reason, the credibility of the upcoming presidential election is considered a prerequisite to contain future outbreaks of tension and stabilize the political, social and economic situation in Afghanistan.


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