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Amman hits 56 Islamic State targets. Baghdad prepares a ground offensive

In three days of raids, the Jordanian Airforce destroys 20% of the Caliphate’s power base, 7 thousand jihadists dead. The Armed Forces "determined" to "wipe out this band of terrorists." "In the coming weeks," the Iraqi army will lead a ground offensive to regain territories currently in the hands of the Islamists.

Amman (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Three days of aerial bombardment of Islamic state (IS) targets by the Jordanian air force has led to the destruction of 56 sensitive jihadists targets. Amman is "determined" to "wipe out this terrorist gang"", as stated by the commander of the Jordianian Air Force, Gen. Mansour al-Jobour, commenting on the results of the first attacks against the fundamentalist militias of the "Caliphate".

Last week the Jordanian army launched Operation "Martyr Moaz", in response to the posting of the video containing the brutal murder of the Jordanian pilot Maaz al- Kassasbeh, burned alive by terrorists. The General refused to specify the targets and places hit by the air strikes, but added that the raids - which began February 5 - have destroyed 20% of  IS potential.

The Jordanian Minister for Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh said, without giving details, that the armed forces have launched attacks in both Syria and Iraq, in areas of the "Caliphate" under the control of the jihadist group. However, he also added that even if the bombings had "reduced" IS military potential, it still controls a "large portion of the territory."

Air Force Gen. al-Jobour stressed that "we are determined to wipe out this band of terrorists" and that the air raid will be intensified in the coming days. Since the campaign Amman has carried out over a thousand air raids on Islamist militia targets and "more than 7 thousand Daesh criminals [another name that identifies the Caliphate] were killed."

At this time the UAE have come to Jordan's aide in the fight against the Islamic state, sending a squadron of fighters, along with pilots and technicians. According to the official agency of the United Wam, "The initiative... reaffirms the UAE's unwavering and constant solidarity with Jordan and its leading role and immense sacrifices for the security and stability of the region." Previously, the Emirates had stopped their raids, in fear that some of their pilots would be taken prisoner.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the international coalition, led by the United States, have announced that "in the coming weeks" Iraqi troops will launch a ground operation, to regain the territories now controlled by the IS. Military sources have clarified that the Baghdad army will lead the ground operations, while coalition allies will provide "firepower" to facilitate their advance.


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