06/26/2020, 17.24
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As the number of cases rises, several Indian states go on lockdown again

by Biju Veticad

So far, the country has reported more than 490,000 coronavirus cases. After restrictions were lifted on 31 May, the number rose significantly. In southern India, returning Indian expats are the cause of upsurge. Too many people resumed regular activities without upholding health and safety regulations. Gatherings in Catholic churches are also a problem.

Thiruvananthapuram (AsiaNews) – The number of people with COVID-19 is rising again in India.

After the country was locked down on 24 March, the virus spread gradually. Following the government’s decision to ease social confinement and allow the economy to reopen, the situation changed drastically, forcing Delhi to take action to contain the new upsurge.

To that end, India’s Health Ministry is closely monitoring the areas where the number of cases is rising.

So far, more than 490,000 cases have been reported across the country with 15,301 deaths. The most affected states are Maharashtra (147,741), Delhi (73,780), Tamil Nadu (70,977) and Gujarat (29,520).

In Assam, which has about 6,300 cases, the state health minister announced a new full 14-day lockdown starting June 28.

In Kerala, the chief minister said that the state was on the verge of a mass outbreak. He expects the number of infections to rise until August. So far, the state has reported 3,700 cases.

In southern India, cases of contagion have risen with the return of expats from abroad.

At more than 11,000 cases, Telangana is another state where the epidemic is spreading.

Father Sabu Njarolickal, a local missionary priest, told AsiaNews that after restrictions were eased in early June, locals resumed their regular activities paying little attention to health and safety measures.

In many states, religious services have also been authorised again. Fr Sabu notes that although Indian Catholics are aware of the risk of contagion in public gatherings, the number of people coming to some churches is out of control.

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