11 December 2017
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  • » 06/01/2011, 00.00


    Assad grants general amnesty, but security forces continue to kill

    The announcement of a general pardon for all crimes committed before 31 May came as three other civilians are killed in Rastan and Dara. Opponents of the regime say the move was "too little, too late." US: Assad's position becomes “less tenable” day by day.

    Damascus (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has issued a general amnesty to people accused of demonstrating against the regime. The state media has repeatedly spread the news. The government would have also offered some political concessions, but the opposition has largely judged this as "cosmetic.” The government move comes after months of protests against the Assad regime, which led to the killing of more than 1,000 opponents, and jailing of more than 10 thousand according to human rights organizations. The amnesty also covers members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization banned in Syria.

    The state media bulletin states, “President Assad grants a general pardon for the crimes committed before 31 May. The pardon includes all those who belong to political movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood." The announcement came as news circulated of the death of three people in clashes between protesters and security forces. A civilian died in Rastan, and two others in Daraa in the south -- the epicenter of the protests. Security forces are using tanks in Rastan as well as in Talbisa, a town in central Syria.

    At a conference in Antalya, Turkey, Syrian activists said the government's move was "too little, too late." Abdel Razak Eid, an activist of the "Damascus Declaration" group said, "This measure is insufficient." Another activist said that the amnesty reveals the weakness of the regime. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Assad's position is becoming “less tenable” day by day. "The demands of the Syrian people for change only grow stronger," she said, adding that Mr Assad had "not engaged seriously in any kind of reform efforts".

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    24/06/2011 SYRIA
    Damascus "is undermining its legitimacy.” The condemnation of the European Council.
    The meeting of heads of states in Brussels today gives a harsh response to the repression in Syria. “Those responsible for crimes and acts of violence committed against civilians must answer for their acts.'' Even the United States issued a warning to Assad.

    14/10/2011 EGYPT
    Truth and justice not lies and superficiality on massacre of Copts
    The results of the autopsies will be released Oct. 27. But Egyptian army trying to silence the issue by manipulating the truth and accusing the Copts of provoking the violence despite the eyewitness accounts and videos. Shenouda III is opposed to the military’s version. Obama also assumes that the Copts were violent. Not to forget AsiaNews publishes some pictures of the massacre, sent by Coptic organizations.

    16/01/2012 ISLAM - EGYPT
    Al-Azhar in defense of democracy and religious freedom
    The Sunni University, a guide for the World Islamic world, offers some guidelines for the world born after the "Arab spring" on human rights, religious freedom, freedom of scientific and artistic research. This attempt to modernize the Muslim view on these issues has also been supported by the Christian Churches of Egypt.

    28/09/2011 SYRIA
    Muslim-Christian Summit in Beirut on Syria: No to the Islamic Radical Drift
    Christian and Muslim exponents gathered at the headquarters of the Grand Mufti of Lebanon to discuss the situation, while the Syrian Grand Mufti backed out at the last minute. The final communiqué warns of fundamentalist "drift" in the opposition movements.

    03/06/2011 YEMEN
    Sanaa: escape from a city at war, hopes for a political solution
    Residents are fleeing the capital by the thousands as bloody clashes continue between President Saleh’s followers and tribesmen. More than 60 are dead. The Gulf countries are willing to resume mediation that was interrupted on 22 May by Saleh.

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    A possible reconciliation between Moscow and Kiev

    Vladimir Rozanskij

    The Extraordinary Synod for the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the Moscow Patriarchate, called for a return to communion with the Kiev Patriarchate. Filaret's response, very positive, asks for forgiveness and offers forgiveness. For years there have been prevarications, expressions of hatred, seizures of churches. The invasion of Crimea has sharpened the division. The Ukrainian government rallies against.

    Not just Rohingya: Pope Francis’ message to Myanmar and Bangladesh

    Bernardo Cervellera

    News coverage overly focused on "saying / not saying" the word Rohingya. The Pope avoids trial by media, opting to outline constructive paths of hope. Full citizenship for dozens of ethnic groups and a development based on human dignity. The unity between the young and the different ethnic groups, admired by Buddhists and Muslims.


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