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Bannu, rockets hit buildings: 14 dead and 30 wounded

Is the death toll from the latest Islamic extremist attack in the country, on the border with Afghanistan. The escalation of violence continues, registering over 180 deaths since the beginning of the month. Yesterday a Taliban leader committed suicide to avoid capture.

Islamabad (AsiaNews/Agencies) – At least 14 people have been killed and about 30 injured by rockets fired into a city in the north-west of Pakistan:  police say four rockets were fired into Bannu hitting some houses, a mosque and a shop. The wave of violence wracking Pakistan continues – in particular in the north-west tribal area of the country on the border with Afghanistan – a wave which has caused the deaths of over 180 people in July alone, most of theme soldiers and police.

Even the last city to be hit, Bannu, North Waziristan, has a majority tribal population and is believed to be a recruitment and training centre for the Taliban.

Also today a bomb hit Miram Shan School, in Northern Waziristan, without causing victims or wounded, while news has come in of the killing of two soldiers Monday last in Khaar. There are also victims among the rebels: according to the army, 35 militants were killed Monday last in an army raid on the Afghan border.

Yesterday there were also reports of the suicide of one of the principal rebel leaders operative in Pakistan: Abdullah Mehsud – real name Noor Alam – blew himself up to avoid capture.  He was wanted for the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in 2004; he had also spent 25 months in detention Guantanamo Bay prison, Cuba.


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