01/18/2016, 12.37
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Bishwa Ijtema: two million Muslims call for peace and Islamic unity

by Sumon Corraya

Indian Mullah Moulana Muhammad Sa'ad led the closing prayer. Participants called for God’s forgiveness and prayed for themselves and their families. The gathering attracted Muslims from 150 countries. A Catholic praised the event’s organization. "We Christians should learn from our Muslim brothers and sisters.” They “don’t have any complain against organizers. They manage their own food and accommodation personally.”

Dhaka (AsiaNews) - At least two million Muslims took part in the final phase of the Bishwa Ijtema, the second largest Islamic pilgrimage in the world after the Hajj, which is held every year in Tongi (near Dhaka), on the banks of the Turag River. This year Muslims from 150 countries join together in prayers, invoking “peace, prosperity, and unity of Muslim word”.

Md Jubiar Hossian, a 30 years old Muslim devotee, tolds AsiaNews about learning of this religious seminar and prayer. He says: “I heard sermons from noted Muslim scholars and that I will apply in my life”. Mofiz Uddin, another Muslim, adds: “I realized I should follow all teachings of Islam, I should do good behavior with others and other faith. In Islam there is no room of militancy. I should respect to other faith people too”.

The Bishwa Ijtema (Global congregation or World Meeting in Bangla) is an annual event organised by the Tabligi Jamaat(Society for the spread of the faith), a transnational religious and non-political movement that seeks the spiritual reform of Islam. The event, which includes moments of prayer and preaching, draws millions of people from all over the world. Residents from 32 districts attended the first two phases this year while residents of the remaining 32 districts will attend next year. The government deployed more than 5,000 police agents to ensure security.

Eminent Indian Islamic scholar Moulana Muhammad Sa’ad conducted the 28-minute final prayer in Arabic and Urdu. Devotees prayed for apology from God. They also asked blessing for their personal and family life.

On the Catholic side, a devotee comments the great organization for the event. He refers: “We Christians should learn from our Muslim brothers and sisters. They took part in their prayer of Bishwa Ijtema very spontaneously, they don’t have any complain against organizers. They manage their own food and accommodation personally. But when Christians organize any program, we first seek facility of accommodation and food from organizers”.

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