08/19/2015, 00.00
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Caritas Karachi plant one thousand trees against climate change

by Shafique Khokhar
Launch of Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign 2015, in collaboration with the parish St. Jude and the local administration. Executive Secretary of Caritas Karachi: "It is urgent to plant more trees to save the planet from human and natural disasters, before it is too late".

Karachi (AsiaNews) - In line with Pope Francis’ "green" encyclical, the students of the parish of St. Jude have planted more than one thousand seeds of trees of various species, including the Neem, Peepal, Siris and Conocarpus species. The initiative is part of the Monsoon Tree Plantation Campaign 2015 launched by Caritas Karachi in collaboration with the Church and the support of the Karachi Social Forestry and Sindh Forest Department. The slogan this year is "Plant a tree to care for and save Creation".

The campaign was launched on August 17 last By Fr. Augustine Soares, pastor of St. Jude. The priest offered a special prayer for the success of the campaign, and blessed all the trees before they were planted.  "Trees - he said - are the lungs of our land, the give us clean air and shade. They are our friends”.

To further promote the campaign, yesterday there was another sowing session in Gadap. Mansha Noor, Executive Secretary of Caritas Karachi, said: "Our campaign is organized with the aim to raise awareness of the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If we continue like this, our planet will no longer be able to support 'life' as we know it. It is urgent to plant more trees to save the planet from human and natural disasters, before the situation worsens".

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