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Caritas Lebanon: Help us save refugees from Syria

Fr. Simon Faddoul describes a dramatic and painful situation for over 400 thousand refugees. The snow and floods have destroyed tents and shacks. Thousands of people do not even have shoes to walk in the mud. Caritas and other organizations need resources to face this emergency. The appeal of Caritas President: "Your help is needed. Even a small contribution can help alleviate the suffering of many refugees."

Beirut (AsiaNews) - After fleeing from war, over 400 thousand Syrian refugees are now in danger of dying of cold, hunger and disease. The recent snowfall and floods have flooded tents and shacks, depriving them even of clothing and the little food provided by humanitarian organizations. Some do not even have shoes to walk in the snow and mud. "The situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is increasingly dramatic," Fr. Simon Faddoul president of Caritas Lebanon tells AsiaNews. "The media - he continues - just provide numbers, but behind the cold figures are stories of indescribable suffering, the names and faces of people who have left their husbands and children, who may never see each other again."

The priest said that the war and the violence of recent months have hit every religious community, ethnicity, pro-regime and pro-rebel groups. The humanitarian agencies on the border with Syria can not cope with this emergency. "Every day - he said - we need food for those already set up in tents or in makeshift shelters, but there is nothing to give to newcomers, who need everything."

Since the beginning of the refugee emergency in Lebanon, Caritas has helped over 50 thousand including women and elderly, as well as children who count at least 16 thousand. "Now - said Fr. Faddoul-we have stopped counting how many people cross the border. No one knows their exact number in the Bekaa Valley, but we are talking about hundreds of thousands. Honestly we do not know how long we can resist."

The head Caritas says that "there are days when the number of people is so high that we can not meet their needs, however small. We are in desperate need of blankets, hot meals, adequate clothing, but unfortunately we do not have enough resources to find them or distribute them among the people. "

Fr. Faddoul is appealing to all Catholics and inviting every man, woman of this world "to please hurray and make a contribution to our brothers and sisters who have fled Syria for Lebanon. Their desperate situation of absolute poverty is heart renching". "Your help - he says - is needed. Even a small contribution can help alleviate the suffering of many refugees." (S.C.)

At the request of Fr. Faddoul and Caritas Lebanon, here below we publish the bank details for those who wish to send their contributions to the refugees:

Caritas Liban Rue Dr Youssef Hajjar Sin el-Fil-Kalaa.

PO.Box :16-5274-Achrafieh-Beirut-Liban

Account Number: 1141307132400 Bank of Beirut

Sin El-Fil, Horsch Tabet, Lebanon


Bank to bank transfer:

IBAN: LB55007500000001141307132400
Account number for those who pay in Euro: 4041307132400

Coordinates for other countries:

IBAN: LB20007500000004041307132400


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