09/10/2020, 09.02
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Covid-19 also invades the brain

The result of experiments carried out at Yale on brain tissues, on mice, on corpses of coronavirus dead. Many infected are affected by loss of sight, memory, coordination, speech and delirium. Virus thought to enter the brain through the nose.

New Haven (AsiaNews / Agencies) – New research on Covid-19 has revealed that it can also invade the brain. This explains why several infected patients have experienced headaches, confusion and above all delirium. Loss of sight, memory, coordination and speech occurs at various stages.

According to a study conducted by Yale University immunologist Akiko Iwasaki, the virus is able to replicate inside the brain, removing oxygen from brain cells.

The study is preliminary and needs further verification, but there is already strong evidence.

Laboratory experiments on brain tissue show that Covid is capable of infecting neurons; the infected cells then absorb the available oxygen and cause the surrounding cells to die.

Experiments on mice show that brain infection leads to rapid weight loss and death in no time.

Finally, the group examined the brains of three patients who died from complications related to Covid-19 and discovered the massive presence of the virus.

It is speculated that path to the brain for the virus may be through the nose, although the authors say that they need more data to certify this theory.

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