02/19/2015, 00.00
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Doha recalls its ambassador from Egypt after air raids on Libya

Qatar opposes Egyptian raids against the jihadists. The Egyptian ambassador accuses Doha of supporting Islamic State terrorism. Al Sisi warns: Every security threat will receive a military response.

Doha (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Qatar has recalled its ambassador from Egypt today "for consultations". According to local media, the decision is due to Doha's opposition to Cairo's air raids against the jihadists in Libya.

The QNA state agency said that the recall of the ambassador is a response to the statements of Tariq Adel, Egyptian delegate to the Arab League.

The Egyptian media and Al Jazeera (Qatari TV) report that Adel accused Qatar of supporting Islamic State terrorism. Adel has expressed his thoughts - shared by a large portion of international opinion - after that Qatar expressed reservations about Egypt's air raids in response to the beheading of 21 Egyptian Copts, who had gone to Libya to seek work.

The ambassadors of the Arab League had gathered to approve the Egyptian operation. Qatar has distanced itself from the Arab League statement, noting that "consultations are required before any unilateral military action against a Member State". Doha also denounces the fact that the representative of Egypt to the Arab League "confuses the need to combat terrorism [with] ... the brutal killing and burning of civilians."

Qatar is suspected of being a longtime supporter of the Islamist formations fighting Bashar Assad in Syria, but also of supporting the Islamic State, which has occupied a part of Iraq and Syria, in alliance with jihadist groups in Libya.

Yesterday, the Egyptian president Abdelfattah Al Sisi visited the border with Libya and said that Egypt will respond with military force to militia threats to the security of his country (See photo).


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