16 October 2017
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  • » 08/22/2016, 10.39


    Duterte: UN useless and stupid, we are ready to leave

    Philippine President responds to criticism of the international community on the killing of alleged drug dealers in the Asian country: "You can not say one bad thing about me, but I can say it ten about you. You have failed in everything from terrorism yto the emergency against hunger". Manila "will ask for Beijing and the African nations to create a new trans-national body". The Foreign Minister cautions: "There are no plans to quit the UN".

    Manila (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The United Nations "is a stupid and useless body. The Philippines could leave early. With China and Africa we could create a new, efficient trans-national reality"said Filippino President, Rodrigo Duterte, during a speech focused on the anti-drug campaign underway in the nation.

    Since his election, in May 2016, about 900 alleged Filipino drug dealers have been killed. The authors of the massacre are mostly members of the police, who speak of killings "that occurred during gun battles." But they have also involved private "vigilantes" who have carried out killings to collect unofficial bounties - under the table - from the various local authorities. The model is that of "death squads" from the time of Marcos, that Duterte applied in Davao City during his 20 years as mayor there.

    Two United Nations experts, engaged in the field of human rights, have openly criticized the president for what is happening in the country. The Glass Palace also summoned the representative of Manila to demand "explanations" on extra-judicial killings. Finally, Ban Ki-moon Secretary-called Duterte's appeals against drug dealing"incitement to murder, and then international crime".

    Responding to allegations, the Filipino leader attacked: "Take us out of your organisation. You have done nothing. Where were you here the last time? Never. Except to criticise," he said."You now, United Nations, if you can say one bad thing about me, I can give 10 [about you]. I tell you, you are [useless]. Because if you are really true to your mandate, you could have stopped all these wars and killings".

    Manila, he concluded, "might ask the funds paid in recent years to the UN. This done, we'll go and ask China and the African countries to study a new trans-national body that is truly effective and efficient”. This morning the Philippine foreign minister has intervened on the matter, throwing water on the fire: "The president's statements highlight the frustration we feel towards the UN headquarters, but there are no plans to quit the UN".

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