22 January 2018
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  • » 01/12/2018, 09.46

    IRAN - EU - USA

    Europe against Trump, try to save the Iranian nuclear deal

    London, Paris and Berlin are working to preserve an pact essential for international security. The JCPO must be maintained, while imposing new "red lines" on the Islamic Republic. But the unpredictability of the US president weighs on efforts. White House decision on the extension of the terms expected today.

    Tehran (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Waiting for Donald Trump's decision on the extension (or otherwise) of the terms of the Iranian nuclear agreement (the JCPO), Europe's leaders have reiterated their desire to preserve an essential pact for peace and international security. At the end of yesterday's meeting with Tehran's head of diplomacy Mohammad Javad Zarif, European leaders sent a clear message to Washington: the agreement must be "preserved", while imposing new "red lines" on the Islamic Republic.

    Analysts and experts then speak of a "third way" attempted by Europe to defend the JCPO, signed in 2015 between the 5 + 1 and the Islamic Republic, in the face of criticism of the US president who repeatedly threatened to cancel "the worst agreement ever ". It would save the agreement by avoiding an open confrontation with Iran, while imposing limits on Tehran's "destabilizing" activities in the Middle East.

    From the main European chancelleries - London, Paris and Berlin - the intention is therefore to find (and defend) a common position on the Iranian dossier, unlike what happened in 2003 with Iran. At the time the divisions between the English (supporters of the US invasion) and the Franco-German axis had favored the escalation of military operations.

    Today Europe seems to have rediscovered the path of diplomacy and dialogue in the region, aligning itself behind a common position with the aim of averting a new war in the face of the bellicose talk of the White House which considers Teheran part of the infamous "axis of evil". A position that does not exempt European leaders from criticizing the politics of the Islamic Republic in the Middle East.

    However, the pursuit of this "third way" by Europe clashes with the words - and the belligerent policies of the Trump administration towards Iran. A political line that suffers the unpredictability of the American president, which contrasts with the rigidity of leaders of the Islamic Republic and seems unwilling to make concessions on the ballistic missile program.

    President Trump's official decision on the nuclear agreement is expected today. From the latest information, it appears that the White House leader intends to keep the terms unchanged, while imposing an ultimatum to the European allies and the Congress: improve the agreement or the United States will withdraw.

    Anonymous US government sources report that Trump is ready to extend the easing of sanctions on Tehran for another 120 days. At the same time wants to impose targeted sanctions on businessmen or personalities involved in the development of the missile program, suspected of terrorist activities or guilty of human rights violations.

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    IAEA responds to US fears on Iranian nuclear deal: Tehran respects all commitments

    Director General Yukiya Amano met US Ambassador to the UN Haley. Tehran follows the terms of the agreement and allows access to all sites. A response to Washington’s claims of "insufficient" visits and controls. The EU expresses its total support for "one of the most important achievements of international diplomacy".

    10/10/2017 13:10:00 ISRAEL - IRAN - USA
    Israel, former intelligence chief calls on Trump to uphold Iranian nuclear deal

    Amos Yadlin invites the White House not to end the Jcpoa and reserve the "threat" of a retreat to a "more strategic" moment. Europe's support needed to put more pressure on Tehran. IAEA General Director: Iran respects "all commitments taken". British Prime Minister: It has "neutralized" the nuclear ambitions of the Islamic Republic.

    02/12/2016 10:15:00 IRAN - USA
    US Senate approves the extension of sanctions against Tehran

    Iran Sanctions Act provides for the extension to 10 years of sanctions. The text approved by 99 votes in favor, 0 votes against. Previously, the Chamber had given the green light to the law. It now needs the signature of outgoing President Obama. The point people of the future Trump administration, include the head of the CIA, ready to cancel the international agreement. Approval in Israel.


    26/04/2017 11:08:00 IRAN - UNITED STATES
    Vienna, uncertainty shrouds tenability of Iranian nuclear agreement

    Iran and the main international powers met yesterday in the Austrian capital. Focus of "closed door meeting" the "respect" of the terms of the agreement. Tensions between Washington and Tehran are increasing. Iranian Minister: The United States respects neither the spirit or the terms of the agreement. 

    15/06/2016 09:35:00 IRAN - USA
    Khamenei warns US presidential candidates nuclear deal is off, if terms are violated

    Iran's supreme leader warns against any possible discussion of Agreement. Republican candidate Trump says it is "catastrophic" and should he win he will make it a “priority to dismantle it." Khamenei says the United States is not respecting its "commitments." Iranian foreign minister warns of "psychological legacies" of decades of sanctions.


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    Fady Noun

    A conference was held on 16-17 January at al-Azhar. Many prominent figures from Lebanon took part, including the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi. The Arab world is divided between "complicit passivity" and "noisy but ineffective speeches". For a former Lebanese premier, coordinated actions are needed to ensure greater efficacy on behalf of Jerusalem’s "pluralistic identity " and "religious freedom". Card Al-Rahi called for joint prayers, Islamic-Christian interfaith solidarity in the Arab world, and support for the Palestinians.

    Yunnan: Christians accused of membership in an apocalyptic sect get up to 13 years in prison

    The Three Grades of Servants cult, an underground pseudo-Protestant sect founded in Henan, is especially strong in the countryside. Those convicted claim they are just ordinary Christians and know nothing about the sect. Defense lawyers have been threatened with loss of their license to practice.


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