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Following Pope Francis, Indonesian priests and religious renew vocational challenge

by Mathias Hariyadi
2014 Koptari national conference was held Malino. The association brings together Indonesian clergy and religious. Goal to become "witnesses" of the mystical body of Christ and prophets in this modern era. The Pope seen as a positive model of priesthood.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) - To increasingly become "witnesses" of the mystical body of Christ and to be prophets in this modern era, following the example and the footsteps traced so far by Pope Francis during his pontificate: these are the aims of the 2014 national Koptari conference, which was held last week in Malino, in the province of South Sulawesi, under the guidance of the local archbishop of Makassar Msgr. John Liku Ada.  The annual meeting of the association that gathers Indonesian religious and clergy saw 105 participants. The meeting hopes to foster collaboration between the leaders of religious movements and their leadership role within their communities.

This initiative was also attended by Msgr. Aloysius Sudarso, Archbishop of Palembang, as a delegate of the Indonesian Bishops Conference (KWI), with the task of maintaining links with the association. The Nuncio to Indonesia Mgr. Antonio Guido Filipazzi celebrated the solemn Eucharistic function - closing the meeting - in the cathedral of Makassar.

Fr. Albertus Sujoko, a theologian of the Major Seminary of Pineleng in North Sulawesi, told AsiaNews that the Koptari association is formed by members of MASI (priests), MABRI (religious) and IBSI (nuns). For 2014 Malino was chosen as the location of the meeting, for its symbolic importance: it was the scene of the truce that put an end to sectarian violence in Ambon and the Moluccas in 2001; and, before that, in 1946, hosted the conference which established the handover between the Dutch colonial administration and the local independent.

Sister Carolina CB, newly elected to the IBSI  leadership describes the conference as a "great moment" for each of the participants to get to know the "challenges and opportunities".  The spirit, adds the provincial superior of the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo in Java, is to "unite", to make the most of the common "mission" which is the "announcement of God's work." Sister Taviana confirms the importance of "sharing and exchanging" experiences and points of view to revive vocations.

The delegates at the Malino also renewed their commitment to exercise good governance and a leadership "clean" of the stain of scandals and corruption. An essential element in a country where politicians are often accused of corruption and even within religious groups, even among Catholics, there is a growing number of people who set aside the cassock or abandon consecrated life.

Hence the urgency to recall positive models of priesthood, including the current Pope who since his days at the head of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires has been an "example" of "a good priest" for his community. Let us follow the example of Pope Francis, urged Msgr. Aloysius Sudarso, Archbishop of Palembang, the model of "priest, prophet and a mystic person in modern times."



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