02/08/2017, 09.49
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Four terrorists arrested in Nepal. Suspected links to Islamic State and Pakistan

by Christopher Sharma

Those arrested, migrants in Dubai, detained on charges of murder. They killed two Indians who had refused to work for international terrorism. The group planted the bomb that led to the recent rail disaster in India. Open borders between Nepal and India: the activities of the militants are a threat to both countries.

Kathmandu (AsiaNews) - The Nepalese police arrested four citizens with links to international terrorist groups. According to authorities, they are migrant workers, who went to Dubai in search of work. There they came into contact with a Pakistani citizen, who introduced them to the Islamic Caliphate file. For now, given that in Nepal there is no anti-terrorism law, they are detained on charges of murder.

The arrest took place yesterday after weeks of investigation. The four arrested are: Shamshul Hoda, Mojahir Ansari, Asish Singh and Umesh Kumar Kurmi, all originating from Bara district in the south of the country.

Police officer Narendra P. Upreti, said that "the arrest was conducted successfully. Our investigations shows that they are guilty of killing two Indians who wanted to join the terrorist network. When they changed their mind refusing to work as terrorists, the four criminals have taken them into the Nepalese jungle and killed them". The bodies of Dipak Ram, 18, and Arum Ram, 28, were found in a forest Karaiya last December 28, 2016.

The security forces investigations show that those arrested are part of a network of terrorist groups with bases in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Dubai and Nepal. Guided and funded by a Pakistani named Safi, who is attepting trying to expand the network in Europe and other countries.

In addition to links to terrorism and the prosecution of murder of two Indian, investigators believe the group has also planted the bomb at the Ghodasahan railway station, near Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) with the aim of causing a disaster. That incident, which at the beginning was thought to be due to human error, caused the death of over 150 people.

Gyanwali P. Thakur, a police spokesman, said: "This incident reveals that poor migrants are recruited by ISIS. It is a serious matter, given that the present poverty in Nepal can be an exploited by terrorists. We also have open borders, so the activist militants of the Islamic State is a threat not only for us, but also neighboring India".

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