10/05/2012, 00.00
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Gudrub, 53rd Tibetan sets himself on fire to oppose Chinese occupation

Gudrub, 41, died shortly after the self-immolation. The incident occurred yesterday in Diru County Nagchu (Tibet Autonomous Region). The call to all the Tibetan people to promote unity and solidarity and not lose the courage to fight.

Lhasa (AsiaNews) - A Tibetan man set himself on fire yesterday in Diru, County Nagchu (Tibet Autonomous Region). Gudrub, 41, died shortly after the act. The man left a statement calling on Tibetans to promote "unity and solidarity" and "not lose the courage to fight for the freedom of Tibet."

Gudrub is the 53rd Tibetan to set himself on fire to protest against the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the tightening measures taken by Beijing authorities against the population. His is the second self-immolation in a week. On 29 September another protester committed suicide in the county of Dzatoe in Sichuan. The ongoing suicides of young Tibetans, both lay and religious, in the name of freedom of Tibet have led Tibetan leaders in exile in Dharamsala (India) to organize a summit of all Tibetan delegations of the world to try to stop this phenomenon.

The 420 delegates from 26 different countries came together for four days of discussion and debate and have concluded their work with the publication of 31 recommendations for the Tibetan people. After expressing their "utmost respect" for those young people who have sacrified themselves so far, the Summit said that the Chinese government "is the only one responsible for this situation" and said it was "ready" to bring the leaders of Beijing before international courts of justice for their crimes against the local population. However, in the text, the delegates call on "all Tibetans" to "walk the path of the Dalai Lama, that is, to seek always to pursue the Middle Way and not to commit extreme acts."



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