01/18/2018, 09.27
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Irgiz, a bus catches fire: 52 dead

The accident occurred in the north-west of the country this morning. The victims are all of Uzbek nationality. Only five people managed to escape.

Astana (AsiaNews / Agencies) - 52 people were killed in an accident in the north-west of the country this morning, when a bus caught fire at 10:30 local this morning. The Ministry of the Interior reported in a statement.

The bus caught fire in the Irgiz district of the Aktobe region, on the Samara-Shymkent route, a 2,200 km long road. According to local media, the vehicle transported Uzbek citizens to or from Russia. Of the people on board, 55 passengers and two drivers, only five managed to escape, immediately assisted by rescue teams who arrived on the spot.

The victims have not yet been identified and there is no information on the cause of the fire. An emergency hotline has been activated to allow worried relatives to request information. At the moment there are rescuers, policemen, doctors and psychologists on the scene.

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