01/09/2006, 00.00
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Israel's Nuncio on Sharon: "The only approach worthy is silence and prayer"

Mgr Pietro Sambi, about to leave for Washington, today addresses a conference in the Knesset.

Jerusalem (AsiaNews) – "Faced with a man who is fighting for his life, the only worthy approach is that of silence and of prayer," said Mgr Pietro Sambi. The  

Apostolic Nuncio to Israel was speaking to some journalists who asked him to comment about the plight of Ariel Sharon.

In recent days, there have been many reactions to Ariel Sharon's health; today he came out of a coma and is breathing normally. Some of the most violent feedback came from members of the Fatah movement in Lebanon, who hold Sharon to blame for the disasters in Sabra and Shatila, and from the Iranian president Ahmadinejad. The latter said he hoped the prime minister and the rest of the Israeli leadership would die. Even fundamentalist Israeli blog and emails are auguring hell for Sharon.

Mgr Sambi, recently appointed as Nuncio to the United States, yesterday went to Ramallah to bid farewell to the premier Abu Mazen before his departure to Washington. Today, Mgr Sambi will give a talk at the Knesset on the theme "Religions, Inter-faith dialogue, Peace". The event is taking place in the context of an international meeting of Jewish politicians, which is being held in Jerusalem this year. There are 60 MPs from 24 countries present apart from Israeli politicians.  

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