18 January 2018
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  • » 05/30/2012, 00.00


    Kerala: Italian marines out on bail

    Fr Stephen Kulakkayathil tells AsiaNews. He is the parish priest of Quilon, which belongs to the diocese where the two fishermen who died in the incident with the Enrica Lexie lived. The Kerala High Court imposes a 10 million rupee bail (US$ 180,000) and certain conditions.

    Kochi (AsiaNews) - Latore Massimiliano and Salvatore Girone, the two Italian marines accused of killing two Indian fishermen off the coast of Kerala in February this year, have been granted bail by the Kerala High Court, Fr Stephen Kulakkayathil, parish priest of Quilon, told AsiaNews. The bail was set at 10 million rupees (US$ 180,000). The two marines must remain available for any further interrogations.

    "The conditions set by the court are very restrictive," the priest said. "It is probable that the authorities will not return their passport. They will remain in India for the time being, in the embassy." Two Indian citizens will act as "guarantors".

    Meanwhile, Kerala authorities appear to have dropped some of the charges, especially those relating to India's maritime terrorism laws.

    The two marines are the only people under investigation in connection with the death of the two Indian fishermen, Jelestein and Ajesh Binki, who were killed off the coast of Kerala on 15 February.

    The two soldiers were on board the Italian ship Enrica Lexie at the time of the incident and allegedly mistook the fishermen for pirates. (GM)


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    26/05/2016 15:12:00 INDIA – ITALY
    Indian Supreme Court to allow Salvatore Girone to return to Italy right away

    The Italian marine had been held in India for four years. He could go home in a few days. The court accepted his application on humanitarian grounds. He is involved in the Enrica Lexie case in which two Indian fishermen were mistaken for pirates and shot dead. The court has set four conditions for his release, which he must respect or risk going back to India.

    28/09/2016 17:18:00 INDIA – ITALY
    Indian Supreme Court says Massimiliano Latorre can stay in Italy until the end of arbitration

    The recent decision grants the Italian marine, already in Italy for health reasons, the same conditions as Salvatore Girone who returned to Italy after four years.

    10/02/2014 INDIA - ITALY
    Marines expected back in Italy, even though the affair not likely "resolved before India's elections" in May
    Anonymous for security reasons, a source talks to AsiaNews. The Supreme Court is set to hear petition on 18 February. The prosecution wants to try the defendants under India's anti-Terrorism legislation, invoking a clause that would impose a maximum penalty of 10 years. So far, "there have been no major reactions" in the country. Even though India's "International relations are also at stake," proceedings are going at their "own pace".

    20/12/2012 INDIA - ITALY
    Christmas at home for Italian Marines. Chaplain: India knows they are credible people
    The High Court of the State grants a two weeks license, after payment of bail. Fr. Giuseppe Faraci tells AsiaNews of "the irreproachable conduct" of Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone during these months in India. The permission is "a moment of joy," but not a shortcut.

    25/05/2012 INDIA - ITALY
    Kerala: as trial approaches, Italian marines leave prison
    Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone are moved to a different facility, Indian press reports. Kollam judge moves case to Sessions Court for the start of the trial.

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