09/22/2017, 09.59
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Kim Jong-un responds to "deranged" Trump

For the first time, a Korean leader addresses an international audience. Trump "will pay dearly for his speech" to the UN, " unprecedented rude nonsense." The launch of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean is paramount. China and Russia are pushing for calm and not to get caught up in "military hysteria". Moon Jae-in: We do not want the collapse of North Korea. 

Seoul (AsiaNews / Agencies) - US President Donald Trump is a "mentally deranged dotard" and "will pay dearly" for his threat of destroying North Korea. These were the words of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, responding  to Trump's speech at the UN assembly where he threatened "total destruction" of the North if it hit the US or some of his allies.

Kim's direct speech to an international audience - according to some this is the first for a North Korean leader - comes a few hours after the US decision to increase sanctions against Pyongyang, whereby the US Treasury will boycott companies and financial institutions that trade with North Korea.

For Kim, Trump's speech is "unprecedented rude nonsense," "he insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world and made the most ferocious declaration of war in history."

Kim adds that he will " consider with seriousness exercising a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history " and Trump "will pay dearly for his speech."

Just yesterday, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho said Pyongyang could test a powerful "hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean," and added that "we have no idea what action will be taken, the order will be given by our leader Kim Jong-un. "

The Japanese government has criticized Kim Jong-un's words, judging them as "provocative" and "unacceptable" aimed at shaking "regional and international security."

The war of words between Washington and Pyongyang, along with the missile and nuclear experiments of the latter, have intensified in recent months, leaving little room for dialogue.

Yesterday, at the UN General Assembly, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi once again said that "negotiation is the only way out and deserves every effort" and that "there is still hope for the peace and we must not give up."

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, said his government condemns North Korea, but "military hysteria is not just an obstacle: it's a disaster".

Yesterday at the UN there was also the intervention of South Korean President Moon Jae-in. "We do not want the collapse of North Korea - he said - and we do not seek reunification through absorption or artificial means."

"If North Korea takes a decision now to get on the right side of history, we are ready to assist North Korea with the international community."

While not criticizing Trump’s bellicose speech at the assembly, Moon said: "The situation with regard to North Korea's nuclear program needs to be handled with stability so that tensions do not intensify too much and accidental military clashes do not destroy peace".

Just yesterday, Seoul decided to send $ 8 million in aid to the North for infants and pregnant women, and in medicines and vaccines.

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