10/23/2014, 00.00
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Kurdish Video mocks ISIS, "We are beaded, dirty and filthy. We are brainless"

Clip shows bearded men, dancing, with guns as musical instruments. "We are ISIS, we milk the goat even if it's male". The parody however carries a tough political attack: "We are Isis" and "Our pockets are full of Qatari money".

Baghdad (AsiaNews) - Black-dressed, with guns and sticks as musical instruments, a group of bearded men is seen dancing. They also sing, "We are beaded, dirty and filthy. We are brainless with nothing in our heads".

The video carrying the parody was posted online by KurdSat TV, a Kurdish-Iraqi television channel, in response to the Islamic State's videos showing the decapitation of men and the stoning of women.

Reported by Al-Arabiya, the tape shows a group of men with obviously fake beards, the black flag of the "Caliphate" in the background, wearing military jackets over black clothing, challenging each other with swords.

In it, ISIS is mocked. The men sing, "Our language is bullets and cutting, [. . .] we have no knowledge in our brains, [. . .] We scare women and children".

"We are ISIS, we milk the goat even if it's male," and "We strive for jihad and sex, we are comfortable and happy to see blood". [. . .] "We kill the dove in the sky and bring history to the present".

The sketch also includes a tough political attack: "We are ISIS" and "Our pockets are full of Qatari money".

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