25 May 2016
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    » 06/04/2011, 00.00


    More arrests and abductions to suffocate Tiananmen

    Bao Tong was taken from home to an undisclosed location. Ziling Ding, founder of the Mothers of Tiananmen, is under house arrest. Threats to dozens of activists and dissidents in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Guangdong. The current situation is similar to the time of Tiananmen: injustice, corruption, nepotism.

    Beijing (AsiaNews / CHRD) - On the day of the anniversary of the massacre, Tiananmen Square and surrounding streets are under the tight police control, while there are arrests, "temporary" abductions of activists and figures critical of the government because of its attempt to silence any discussion about what happened June 4, 1989.

    On the streets of the capital, there are hundreds of thousands of policemen in plainclothes and in uniform with checkpoints at intersections, checking identity cards and patrolling, especially in streets surrounding the square, where 22 years hundreds and perhaps thousands of young people were massacred by the liberation army.

    In recent weeks, many dissidents and activists were placed under house arrest, but the list (see 06/03/2011 To commemorate the 4 June massacre, China arrests other dissidents) needs to be updated with the kidnapping of some high profile figures.

    On June 1, Bao Tong (see photo) and his wife were taken from Beijing to an unknown location by public security officers. Bao Tong, former aid to Zhao Ziyang, general secretary of the Party in '89, had opposed the army intervention on Tiananmen square and for this spent seven years in prison and still lives under round the clock police surveillance.

    Ding Ziling and Zhang Xianling, respectively founder and member of the Mothers of Tiananmen, are at their home in Beijing under police control, as well as the dissident Gao Hongming.

    Yesterday in Xian (Shaanxi), Yang Hai was forced by the security forces to "go on a trip” far from home, where is the mother is very ill and in need of daily care. Yang is an activist and a leader of 89 students.

    In Chongqing, Mu Jiayu, a retired teacher, was placed under control and is monitored wherever he goes and he is not allowed to leave the city.

    A Nanjing (Jiangsu), Li Yong, a member of the Democratic Movement 89, was threatened by police not to create problems. The police warned him that his computer, internet and mobile phone will be blocked in these days.

    The writer Liang Xiwen and activity democratic Wang Ming were threatened by police not to leave their homes. In recent days, police in Qianjiang (Hubei) put under tighter control the home or business for the human rights activist Yao Lifa. Yao's house is under constant surveillance by police since February, when the calls started for a “Jasmine revolution”.

    Two days ago, the poet Wu Mingliang (Guangzhou) was called in by police for a "conversation" and later in the evening was taken to an unknown location.

    Two days ago, Hong Lei, the government spokesman, said the Chinese " now enjoy the best human rights situation in their entire history."

    In fact, many scholars point out that although China has become the second world power in terms of its economy, rule of law is yet to come. Economic development leaves hundreds of millions of Chinese below the poverty line.

    In addition, there is widespread anger over injustice, corruption and nepotism; the very ingredients that led to the birth of the democracy movement 89.

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    Security forces guard the area, but keep a low profile. The leaders of the Tiananmen Mothers promote a small memorial in memory of their children and other victims. Bao Tong: the massacre of June 4 has blocked the development of China.

    03/06/2014 CHINA
    Tiananmen psychosis: Even Bao Tong, who wanted to stop the massacre, is arrested
    It is the first time that police have detained the statesman around June 4. In the past he had always been invited to take a "forced vacation" away from Beijing. At least 80 people including activists, lawyers, academics, Christians have been arrested, isolated and interrogated to prevent any commemoration of Tiananmen. Silence on the number of deaths . In the aftermath of the massacre the Red Cross said there were 2600 deaths, but later retracted that figure.

    09/03/2007 CHINA
    87 year old author of book on Zhao Ziyang arrested
    Zong Fengming, who has recently published a book on the communist secretary expelled from the party for having opposed the student massacre, was taken by force to a military hospital. Since then, his whereabouts unknown.

    02/04/2008 HONG KONG - CHINA
    Martin Lee, Hong Kong's "father of democracy", resigns
    As he approaches the age of 70, Martin Lee Chu-ming announces his withdrawal from political life. The founder of the Democratic Party, and banned from China for his support of the Tiananmen Square movement, Lee asks his fellow party members to continue their struggle for a good political system. Without this, nothing but harm will result.

    26/09/2005 CHINA – HONG KONG
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