12/27/2004, 00.00
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More than 13 thousand dead after quakes, tsunami smashed southern Asia

Rome (AsiaNews) - At least 13,356 people are reported dead around southern Asia and as far away as Somalia on Africa's eastern coast, most killed by massive tidal waves that smashed coastlines after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off Indonesia's coast on Sunday, followed by aftershocks in the region.


Death tolls by country:

 - Sri Lanka: at least 6,090 dead, with 4,590 reported dead

in government-controlled areas and at least 1,500 dead in

Tamil rebel-controlled territory.

- Indonesia: 4,448.

- India: 2,284

- Thailand: 431.

- Malaysia: 48.

- Maldives: 32.

- Myanmar: About 12.

- Somalia: 9.

- Bangladesh: 2.

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