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Muslim lawyer proposes Islamic Courts: forced to leave Russia

by Nina Achmatova
Dagir Khasavov invokes sharia law and threatens a bloodbath in the country. Chechen leader Kadyrov dennounces him. After intimidation, the man decides to take refuge in Europe.

Moscow (AsiaNews) - He called for the introduction of Islamic courts in Russia on TV, attracting the wrath of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, of powerful muftis and an investigation against him for "extremism". Then, after receiving threats and intimidation, he chose to leave the country "urgently". The hero protagonist who has sparked the wrath of the media and public opinion is the Muslim lawyer, Dagir Khasavov (pictured), "emergency" expatriate two days after his interview on television, which outraged Russia.

In his interview, broadcast on April 24 last by the independent channel Ren-TV, the Muslim lawyer warned: "You think we have come here from abroad, but perhaps you are the strangers in our house. If anyone opposes the introduction of the Muslim courts, there will be a second Dead Sea, we will carry out a bloodbath. " Then he called for the establishment of an Arab Caliphate, which the Muslims of Russia must also obey.

The man's statements sparked the ire of the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who called the televised speech "provocative and populist". According to the Chechen president - also engaged in the Caucasus republic to impose Islamic law among citizens - the man has been used to discredit Islam. Kadyrov's views were  echoed by the mufti of Chechnya, Sultan Mirzayev-Hadji, and that of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin, for whom Khasavov can not speak for the whole community. The son of the lawyer , Arslan, thinks the opposite according to whom - as reported by Kommersant - his father was the victim of a trap concocted by Chechen authorities, who needed a "sacrificial victim" for the newly elected President Vladimir Putin, a few days after his inauguration in the Kremlin (May 7). Arslan points to the presence these days in Moscow of Kadyrov's men who intercepted his father, "persuading him" not to give any more radio and television programs. According to BBC reports, citing the so-called Society of the Russian political refugees, Khasavov - founder of an organization defending the rights of Muslims - is now "in an unspecified European country".

Meanwhile, an investigation has been opened by Moscow charging the lawyer for "extremism" and even the bar association has launched an investigation of possible violations of the code of ethics.


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