09/09/2017, 16.27
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On her birthday, let us give Mary our response to God's will, said Fr Sumith

by Melani Manel Perera

The Mass for the Nativity of the Virgin was celebrated yesterday. The pastor encouraged parents to guide their children to achieve God's will, not theirs. One must follow the example of "the servant of God" Mary.

Colombo (AsiaNews) – "Respect and response to God's call, this is the gift we can make to Mary, our Mother, on her birthday,” said Fr Sumith Kumara in his homily during the Mass celebrated to mark the birth of the Virgin Mother, in St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Wewala, a village near Jaela, in the Archdiocese of Colombo.

The service was held at 6.30 am and was attended by school children, teachers and parishioners.

During his Homily, Fr Sumith emphasised a mother’s responsibility towards her children, her duty to direct them towards obedience to God's will, as the Virgin Mother did for her son Jesus.

"Do not think that you are here for nothing," said the priest. "You have a great responsibility. God has sent you into this world to fulfill His will through you. God wants you to guide the lives of your children in the world, which is what He requires of you, not to achieve your desires through them."

When you "try to control your children," he added, "the children disobey and try to do as they wish," and this leads to quarrels, suspicions, and anger.

"Our Holy Mother said 'I am the servant of the Lord' and with all my heart I fulfilled those words. When Jesus became a boy, she helped him and strengthened in him the desire to fulfill God’s will."

The priest turned to the mothers and all the parents present, calling on them to "pray and ask Jesus to show them the right way to God's will," as Mary did with him. "Ask the Virgin Mother to show you the right way to understand God’s will for your children."

Fr Sumith also encouraged the faithful to reflect on how to respond to God's call to fulfill His will through their talents, professions, missions, and services.

Finally, the priest spoke about how his family led him to the faith, guiding him to take the vows. "My parents did not want to lead me to fulfill their wishes, but since they led me to seek God’s will, I am now a happy priest."

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