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PIME Campaign for tsunami victims in Asia: An update

Milan (AsiaNews) – In the wake of the tragedy that hit the peoples and communities of south-east Asia, the PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions,) launched a fundraising campaign through PIMEDIT onlus to help people cope with the emergency and start rebuilding.

We thank all those who generously donated money to the campaign.

As of January 11, 2005, the campaign raised US$ 270,000 (€ 202,000).

Of this amount some has already been sent to cover immediate needs:

–        US$ 35.000 to the Nirmala Hospital  in Karinkal (Tamil Nadu, India);

–        US$ 15.000 to Fr Anthony Tota in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) to rebuild the village of Pattinappakkam, which was completely destroyed by the tsunami;

–        US$ 15.000 to PIME missioners in Thailand, who are working with Phuket's parish priest;

–        US$ 15.000 to the association New Humanity in Myanmar.

The main concern now is to go beyond the immediate emergency and start planning long-term reconstruction so that life can start to get back to normal. Attention will be especially paid to needs of orphaned children.

Support will be given to projects in India, Thailand and Myanmar that involve:

–        providing emergency food and health care to families;

–        building new housing;

–        rebuilding schools, hospitals and health clinics;

–        providing children with school support and health care;

–        buying new boats for fishermen;

–        supplying farmers with seeds and equipment to jumpstart food production and overcome emergency conditions.

Detailed information about the location, cost, expected duration and management of specific reconstruction projects, currently under consideration by PIME missioners, will be provided as soon as possible.

Those who wish to help the affected communities can still make donations as follows:

Clearly specify that it is for Tsunami Emergency Asia S 100.

Send the money via:

* P.O. Account: No. 39208202. Donation made out to PIMEDIT Onlus Via Mosè Bianchi, 94 – 20148 MILANO

* Credit card: Calling to: ++ 39-02-43822.1

* Cheque, bank draft or postal money order to: PIMEDIT Onlus, Via Mosè Bianchi, 94 – 20148 MILANO

* Bank Transfer to account No. 5733. Donation made out to a PIMEDIT Onlus Via Mosè Bianchi, 94 MILANO – at Credito Artigiano Sede, P.za S. Fedele, Milano (ABI 3512, CAB 01601, CIN N). Once the bank transfer is done, please fax a copy of the receipt to ++ 39-02-4695193

For further information, contact:

Centro Missionario Pime Milano by phone:

(in Italy) 02-43822.1

(outside Italy) 011-39-02-43822.1

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