12/11/2019, 15.55
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Police find explosive devices near Wah Yan College unconnected to the latter

The two explosives were found near the Jesuit-run college. Weighing about 10 kg, they could have caused damage within a 100-metre range, including dead and wounded. Police are suspicious of Catholic schools.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) – Wah Yan College in Wan Chai issued a statement today saying that they had nothing to do with explosive devices police discovered a day earlier near the campus.

In a communiqué, the Jesuit-run school noted that the explosive material was found outside the campus thanks to a tip-off from a cleaner.

College officials thanked the police for their work, stressing that the college did not know about the operation before it got underway.

Police on Monday night also said they recovered and defused two home-made bombs near the College that were ready to be used.

The explosives weighed about 10 kg and contained chemicals and iron nails with a possible range of 100 metres and could have killed several people.

Officers are investigating if this is linked to recent rallies in favour of democracy and against a proposed government anti-extradition bill. The protests have gripped the city for the past six months.

On mainland Chinese media, pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong are often described as terrorists who want to destroy the city.

Likewise, Hong Kong police have often accused Catholic schools of influencing their students in favour of democracy.

More than 60 per cent of those who participate in the protest movement are aged 29 and under.

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