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Pope: Catechism not enough to know Jesus, heart, prayer, dialogue are needed

During the Mass celebrated this morning , Francis says that " You need to" go out, out walking along the streets ”. And it is ' necessary' to know Jesus in the language of action." Yesterday he concelebrated with the Maronite bishops calling for prayer for the Middle East .

Vatican City ( AsiaNews) - The catechism is not enough to know Jesus, nor a library of books: You cannot know Him by travelling 'first class', but by getting involved ; for this you need heart, prayer and to speak to Him, " you have to" go out , go out and walk along the streets".  "You can only know Jesus through the language of action."

This was the reflection this morning by Pope Francis , at Mass at Casa Santa Marta on Herod's question of Jesus: " Who is this ? "

Prayers for peace in the Middle East was , however, as reported today by the Vatican Radio , the recommendation made by the Pope in Mass concelebrated yesterday with the Cardinals Leonardo Sandri, prefect of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches , and Bechara Boutros Rai , Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites , along with a group of Maronite bishops who have come from Lebanon , Syria, the Holy Land , and many other countries worldwide .

Prayer is always the road that we must travel to face the tough times, he said, even in the most dramatic of tests and the darkness that sometimes surrounds us in unpredictable situations . For his part , Cardinal Bechara Rai thanked the Pope for his prayers " that sustain us on our often difficult journey " and in particular the strong impulse given to the search for peace : "Your prayer and exhortation for peace in Syria and the Middle East sowed hope and comfort. "

Returning to today's Mass, Francis noted that Herod's question in fact is one, which, "one can ask out of curiosity," or "that one might ask for safety." He noted that, reading the Gospel, we see that "some people begin to feel afraid of this man, because he could have led them to a political conflict with the Romans." One wonders, "Who is this man, who makes so many problems?" Because, the Pope said, "Jesus [really does cause trouble]":

"You cannot know Jesus without having problems. And I dare say, 'But if you want to have a problem, go to the street to know Jesus - you'll end up having not one, but many!' But that is the way to get to know Jesus! You cannot know Jesus in first class! One gets to know Jesus in going out [into] every day [life]. You cannot get to know Jesus in peace and quiet, nor even in the library: Know Jesus."

Certainly, he added, "we can know Jesus in the Catechism," for, "the Catechism teaches us many things about Jesus." He said, "we have to study it, we have to learn it." Thus, "We know the Son of God, who came to save us, we understand the beauty of the history of salvation, of the love of the Father, studying the Catechism." Nevertheless, he asked, how many people have read the Catechism of the Catholic Church since it was published over 20 years ago?

"Yes, you have to come to know Jesus in the Catechism - but it is not enough to know Him with the mind: it is a step. However, it is necessary to get to know Jesus in dialogue with Him, talking with Him in prayer, kneeling. If you do not pray, if you do not talk with Jesus, you do not know Him. You know things about Jesus, but you do not go with that knowledge, which He gives your heart in prayer. Know Jesus with the mind - the study of the Catechism: know Jesus with the heart - in prayer, in dialogue with Him. This helps us a good bit, but it is not enough. There is a third way to know Jesus: it is by following Him. Go with Him, walk with Him."

It is necessary, "to go, to walk along the streets, journeying." It is necessary, said Pope Francis, "to know Jesus in the language of action." Here, then, is how you can really know Jesus: with these "three languages ​​- of the mind, heart and action." If, then, "I know Jesus in these ways," he said in conclusion, "I involve myself with Him"​​:

"One cannot know Jesus without getting oneself involved with Him, without betting your life [on] Him. When so many people - including us - pose this question: 'But, who is He?', The Word of God responds, 'You want to know who He is? Read what the Church tells you about Him, talk to Him in prayer and walk the street with him. Thus, will you know who this man is.' This is the way! Everyone must make his choice."


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