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Rajshahi, Church ponders the "joy of love in the Christian family"

by Sumon Corraya

The meeting on the subject was organized by the diocese and was held September 12 to 14. Attended by 203 Catholics from 21 parishes.  Rajshahi is home to over 60 thousand faithful. The biggest challenges in families: lack of dialogue between husband and wife, increasingly frequent cohabitation outside of marriage, alcoholism, drugs. Practical advice on how to overcome the difficulties.

Rajshahi (AsiaNews) - A three-day pastoral meeting on the theme of "joy of merciful love in the Christian family" to reflect on the sacrament of marriage and to respond to the crisis of the family. It was organized by the Diocese of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Bishops, priests and speakers highlighted the main challenges for the Catholics of the diocese, consisting of over 60 thousand faithful.

In his inaugural speech Msgr. Gervas Rozario, the local bishop, recalled a passage from the Gospel of Matthew (19: 6): "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. " Therefore, he continued, "only love makes the family alive and family life joyful”.

The program was held September 12 to 14. Around 203 Catholics attended, coming from 21 parishes of the diocese. Each parish has submitted a report on the situation of Catholics and the problems encountered in families. Msgr. Rozario says: "We understand the issues and the participants learned how they can address them through love. God is not satisfied only in creating man and woman, but he wants man and woman to love each other. Love and sacrifice can fill family life with joy”.

Dilif S Costa added that "the family is the basic place where people learn to love and be kind. Love is the motto of the family. Its members receive kindness. Christ with his life taught us to be merciful, and we can bring happiness to the family if we follow his teachings. "

Fr. Gomes identifies major challenges: "The lack of trust between husband and wife, the lack of religious and social values, the fact that young people live together [ more frequently outside of marriage], apathy in the religious activities, alcohol consumption and drug addiction. "

The priest has suggested how to overcome obstacles: to renew the relationship between the spouses in the family, praying in the evening together, eating together, attending Sunday Mass, giving advice to family members dependent on drugs.

Fr. Gomes also highlighted that there are many families who live far from the Catholic Church and invited Christian leaders to facilitate their path of return to the Church through love.

During the meetings, the participants staged cultural performances. The best were awarded by the bishop. Finally speaking to the Catholic assembly he said: "Here I learned that I must be merciful with my family and neighbors. If you love your family, they will never abandon the Christian faith".

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