01/26/2018, 09.50
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Record foreign investment in China in 2017

China absorbed 144 billion dollars: in second place after the United States. India is in 10th place with 45 billion. Developing Asian economies are drivers. Good prospects for 2018.

Hong Kong (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Last year, China absorbed 144 billion US dollars in Foreign direct investment, (FDI), the highest figure ever achieved. In this way, China is ranked second as the destination for FDI, after the United States. India is in 10th place worldwide with 45 billion dollars.

The figures are provided by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development). The body notes that despite a strengthening of the global economy, in 2017 the total amount of investments towards foreign countries and regions fell by 16%, to 1520 billion dollars. This is the second consecutive year in which there has been a reduction.

UNCTAD attributes the shrinkage of global FDI to a slowdown in foreign investment to developed nations, a decrease of 27%. North America has suffered a reduction of 33% and Europe of 27%.

On the other hand, the FDI grew by 2% in the economies of developing countries. The Asian countries of this category are the largest recipients in the world, with an absorption of 653 billion dollars, followed by the European Union and North America.

According to UNCTAD, projections of economic growth, trade volumes and commodity prices suggest that in 2018 there will be a potential increase in global FDI of up to $ 1.8 trillion. But the whole could be negatively impacted by geopolitical risks and political uncertainties.

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