09/09/2016, 10.15
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Tashkent, Prime Minister appointed interim president

Parliament appointed him yesterday. In fact, the Constitution of the former Soviet Republic states that the task falls to the head of the Senate. But the latter has given way to ensure "stability." Elections within three months. Confirmed strategic ties with Russia.

Tashkent (AsiaNews) - The Uzbek Parliament has appointed the Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyaev as interim president after the death of the dictator "father of the nation" Islam Karimov, who died last week. 

The appointment was voted yesterday, after Nigmatulla Yuldashev, President of the Senate, to whom the Constitution entrusts the regency of the country in case of death of the president, stepped aside. 

Yuldashev also proposed the name of the prime minister, given "his long years of experience" alongside former president. This decision brings the man who already is considered the natural successor to Karimov, one step closer to the presidential throne .

Mirziyaev, 58, has headed the government since 2003. The deputies chose him given "the need to preserve stability, to maintain order and public safety and to ensure the effective resolution of major issues in the economic and social development of country".

The new interim president will lead Uzbekistan to new elections, scheduled to be held within three months. Analysts already predict that, in the event of a victory, little will change in the country, especially as regards respect for human rights. Experts report that he "is not very popular among the people."

Regarding relations with key partners, the Central Asian country continues to maintain particular friendship with Russia. Vladimir Putin was in fact the first international leader to visit the grave of Karimov, on 6 September, returning from the meeting of the G20. In bilateral talks, Mirziyaev confirmed that ties with Russia are "very strategic" and Tashkent "will continue to increase them."

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