03/06/2007, 00.00
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Teaching children catechism through learning-by-doing

by Qaiser Felix
The diocese of Karachi is launching a programme which includes Gospel lessons through learning-by-doing. Children take the Lord’s joy and love to their homes, putting Christ first.

Karachi (AsiaNews) – Teaching catechism in fun ways, using learning-by-doing methods with easy-to-use material, will help children grow in their faith and culture. Such is the goal of the 'Catechism through Art and Crafts' programme, recently launched by the diocese of Karachi.

Once a week throughout the year, children learn by doing things, singing and playing with easy-to-use arts and crafts material, and more easily memorise Bible stories.

The first segment of the programme was held at St Paul's Parish attracting some 585 children. Activities reflected the Lenten season—the children were given material to illustrate the message of the Parables of Jesus and thus understand the meaning of Lent.

“Our aim is to teach the Bible and transmit the teachings of the Church in new ways. It was amazing to see how creative and imaginative the children could be,” said Father Charles, who runs the diocese’s catechetical centre.

“Through these activities, we wish to help them learn that they are made for God's own glory and apply this purpose to their life,” he told AsiaNews.

At the end of the day to encourage the children, Father Charles told them: “We depend on you to take the Lord’s joy and love, which you have seen today, to your homes and friends. Live according to what you have learnt. Put Christ first in your life.”

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