20 February 2018
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  • » 03/01/2016, 23.49


    The Antichrist is already among us

    Piero Gheddo

    The "deadly war against Christianity" is almost over since Nietzsche's dreams are shaping and directing the governments of Christian (i.e. Western) nations and the United Nations. The West, with its deep Christian roots, considers itself free, secular, democratic, educated, sophisticated, and people-oriented; yet it has set out on a path, without realising it, that leads to nihilism, and the destruction of nature human and death.

    Milan (AsiaNews) – The Antichrist is the Devil, as well as all the evil forces that oppose the coming of the Kingdom of God and Christ in the last days, but also in human history (Revelation, First and Second Letter of John, II Letter of Paul to the Thessalonians). But it is also the title of a book by Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), which a Catholic layman, Agostino Nobile, has commented in a book he published in July 2014, titled Anticristo Superstar (Antichrist Superstar, Udine, Edizioni Segno, p. 120).

    Agostino Nobile, married and father of two, is a professor of music history. Twenty-five years ago he decided to leave teaching to study non-Christian cultures and for ten years lived in the Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist worlds, an experience that strengthened his Catholic faith. Nobile now lives in Portugal with his family, where he has devoted himself to studies that deepen his faith and where he has worked as a pianist and singer up to a year ago.

    Here are the starting lines of Anticristo Superstar: "When, years ago, I happened to read The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche, I thought I found find myself before someone who was out of his mind. Today The Antichrist has become the indispensable Referent of all Western governments. If Friedrich Nietzsche had been told that in a little over a hundred years his "Antichrist" would have become a superstar, he would have considered it a ridiculous provocation (Nietzsche's book was published in 1888). Nobile goes on: "The Antichrist has persuaded man that he can be happy only when he freely satisfies his instincts, eliminating the concept of good and evil, the concept of good and sin. Sin, as it were, is a burden, and the idea of getting rid of it once and for all has now become more than ever a real yearning. In the last century, The Antichrist convinced us that "God is dead", and then eliminated millions of human beings (through ideologies inspired by this belief). Today we have been banded together into a new ideology, to cancel man’s very nature. Methods may change, but the end is always the same: to prove to God that his favourite creature is the most idiotic being of creation."

    Nobile’s booklet is not very long but is full of facts and ideas and is easy to read. It is an historical and current review of how Nietzsche’s central idea and its other subsequent expressions are being realised. The Nietzsche's basic belief is "I defined Christianity as the one great curse, the one and only great intimate perversion, the one and only great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous, occult, subterranean, or small enough. I define it as humanity’s only imperishable mark of abomination."

    Agostino Nobile tackles Antichrist in a verbal crossfire. He took out of the German philosopher’s tome the many proposals and expectations about the "deadly war against vice and vice is Christianity". With an historical sweep of 2,000 years, he shows with historical and current references, how Nietzsche's dreams have been gradually fulfilled, in children’s education, the dominant culture, through customs and laws that are leading Christian nations back to paganism. The most provocative chapter for us, people of today, is the last one, titled ‘Antichrist Superstar’ (which is also that of the informative book), in which Agostino Nobile shows that in our time the "deadly war against Christianity" is almost over, since Nietzsche's dreams are shaping and directing the governments of Christian (i.e. Western) nations as well as the United Nations and its agencies.

    Here's just one example of this current culture and of the legislation that is being imposed in our time. We seniors or middle-aged people have not seen this, but the world's leading health authority wants to impose aberrations of this type on school children. The UN World Health Organisation sent all European governments a guide to promote sex courses in schools titled Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe (available online), where among other things one can read: “Educators must pass on information to children aged 0 to 4 about early childhood masturbation and about discovering the body and genitalia, enabling them to express their needs and desires, such as playing ‘doctor’ for example. [. . .] From 4 to 6 years, children should be taught about love and relations with persons of the same sex. [. . .] With children aged 6 to 12 years, teachers will hold classes on body changes, menstruation and ejaculation, informing them about different contraceptive methods. In the pubertal group between 12 and 15 years, teenagers have to become familiar with the concept of ‘family planning’ and know the difficult impact of motherhood at a young age, with the knowledge that they can receive assistance in the case of unwanted pregnancies and related decision-making.”

    Reading this UN document, which arouses awe and fear, brings to my mind the many things John Paul II and Pope Benedict wrote on this issue.  The “social question has become a radically anthropological question” (Caritas in Veritate, 75) in the sense that if in the last century the most serious “social problem" was the equitable distribution of wealth and welfare between rich and poor, today’s main “social problem” is the destruction of the natural family and pan-sexualism, which are rapidly  reducing the world population by promoting abortions, same-sex marriage, euthanasia and eugenics and many other aberrations, including human cloning, which is now technically feasible and has already been tested. Benedict XVI writes (Caritas in Veritate, 75), “Yet we must not underestimate the disturbing scenarios that threaten our future, or the powerful new instruments that the “culture of death” has at its disposal. To the tragic and widespread scourge of abortion we may well have to add in the future — indeed it is already surreptitiously present — the systematic eugenic programming of births.”

    If this happens, we would reach the final goal that Nietzsche dreamed about: "A world inhabited and dominated by Supermen who impose their will to power on lesser, mediocre and ordinary men,"  in which it was necessary to "establish the values ​​of society and the State in favour of the stronger individual, the Superman (the chosen man, brilliant, the creative artist who defeats the average man) and the superiority of race and culture "(Enciclopedia cattolica, Vatican City, 1952). No wonder that Nietzsche, once in the service of German nationalism, deeply influenced Nazism and its nefarious ideology!

    Yet it is even more outrageous that our West, with its deep Christian roots, which considers itself free, secular, democratic, educated, sophisticated, and people-oriented, has set out on a path, without realising it, that leads to nihilism, and the destruction of nature human and death. As a people, we have removed God’s Sun from our human horizon. We want to do without God and Jesus Christ and we no longer have any light of hope in our future.

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