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The death penalty draws near for one of the 2002 Bali bombers

by Mathias Hariyadi
The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal by Amrozi, condemned to death along with Ali Gufronand Imam Samudra for the bombs which killed 202 people. Now the announcement of the time and place of the execution is awaited. Still no news on the fate of the others.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – One of the three Islamic terrorists condemned to death for their role in the 2002 Bali bombings any day now will face the Indonesian execution squad.

On August 30th the Indonesian Supreme Court rejected the appeal by Amrozi presented last year and saving his life at the last moment.  The announcement was made public yesterday by the Denpasar district attorney’s office, who added that Amrozi will soon be put to death, even though the time and place of the execution remains unclear.

In 2003 Denpasar district court established the death penalty for the three men involved in the attack on the famous resort island which cost the lives of 202 people, mainly foreign tourists.  The three were judged according to the terror laws introduced by the Country in the wake of the Bali bombs.  Up until now the Indonesian laws had no retro-active value, a fact which defence lawyers used to ask for a revision of the case.  Following the initiative of their lawyers the trio’s death penalty, fixed for August 22 2006, was temporarily suspended.  The judges have yet to pass judgement on the fate of the other two condemned men.  The spokesperson for the Supreme Court, Djoko Sarwoko, has confirmed the news and explained that beyond himself, the decision was taken by the Chief Justice, Iskandar Kamil, and a group of chosen judges.  All of the Muslim.  Sarwoko added that all new proof presented to ask for further revision will be treated and unsubstantiated.


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