20 March 2018
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  • » 03/23/2012, 00.00


    Tokyo prepares a defence system, in response to North Korean missile

    The Japanese defence minister ordered the preparation of a "missile defense system", which will be located near the island of Okinawa. The international community is concerned about the escalation of tension. Ban Ki-moon: a launch could discourage international donors and stop humanitarian aid to Pyongyang.

    Tokyo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The winds of war are blowing from the far east with the escalation of tension between Tokyo and Pyongyang, which involves the entire Korean Peninsula and the nations of the area. The Japanese Defence Minister Naoiki Tanaka reports that Tokyo has ordered the preparation of a "missile defence system" in response to the recent announcement that Pyongyang will launch a long-range carrier next month. Government sources added that the defense system will be located near the island of Okinawa in the south of the archipelago, to overthrow the North Korean rocket if it were to threaten Japanese territory.

    In a meeting with the press, Naoiki Tanaka confirmed that he had "ordered the officers to prepare the relocation of the PAC-3 [system] and Aegis warships," referring to the surface to air missile block and the destroyer with rockets on board.

    Last week, the North Korean regime announced the intention to launch a "satellite" into orbit to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the "eternal president" Kim Il-sung, the founding father of communist North Korea in late 1994 (see . AsiaNews 16/03/12 North Korea to mark centenary of Kim Il-sung with rocket launch). The Kwangmyongsong-3 carrier is defined by regime scientists "satellite work" and considered "an opportunity to bring space technology for peaceful purposes to a higher level."

    The move of the scheme is deemed a violation of the resolution of UN Security Council, which in April 2009 - the day after a similar event - had banned the space experiments and missile launches by North Korea. The United States and its allies consider that it is an excuse for a "missile experiment." Washington, Seoul and Beijing have expressed "grave concern" after the announcement by Pyongyang, while South Korean Foreign Minister spoke of "serious provocation" that threatens "peace and security" in the Korean peninsula.

    The UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has warned that a North Korean missile launch would "discourage" other international donors from sending humanitarian aid. This morning from Singapore, where he is engaged in a diplomatic mission, the top UN official said that "such an act would undermine recent positive diplomatic progress and, in its effect on international donors, would likely worsen the humanitarian situation inside the country".






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    06/04/2009 KOREA – UN
    UN, no agreement on sanctions against Pyongyang over missile launch
    Washington, Seoul and Tokyo demand a “strong response”. Beijing and Moscow are more cautious and speak of “proportional” measures. The failed launch of the North Korean missile constitutes a violation of UN resolutions. South Korea underlines that Pyongyang is aiming for space while the population languishes in famine. Obama asks for a program “against the proliferation of nuclear weapons”.

    27/07/2009 KOREA
    Pyongyang ready for new talks, but with the U.S.
    According to the North Korean ambassador to the UN, the terms of the 6 party talks - started in 2003 – have expired. Washington and Seoul reaffirm that the 6 party talks are the only way forward for the regime now isolated from everyone.

    07/04/2009 JAPAN – KOREA
    Tokyo wants strong UN response to N Korea missile
    The Japanese government is in favour of “a strong and unified message” from the United Nations Security Council. China and Russia are against a binding resolution against the North Korean regime. Pyongyang is celebrating the successful launch also attended by Kim Jong-il. Trade between North Korea and China resumes.

    03/04/2009 NORTH KOREA
    North Koreans to launch rocket probably tomorrow
    Send off is almost ready. Japan, United States and South Korea call for UN intervention, but Pyongyang’s ally, China, is likely to veto any fresh sanctions. Rocket launch allows North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il to shore up his power in a prostrate country.

    12/12/2012 KOREA
    Pyongyang challenges the world and launches its 'weather' rocket
    Rhetoric, patriotism and glory for Kim Jong-un. Concern of the United States and South Korea Japan calls a UN Security Council meeting. China calls on North Korea to comply with UN rules, but claims Pyongyang’s right to space research.

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