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Young Catholics of Manila help disabled by recycling garbage

by Santosh Digal
To support two schools for the disabled, a group of 100 young people from the parish of Balayan in Lipa (Manila) collect the waste from the streets and sells the recyclable material to junk dealers. The purpose of the group is to help young people make sense of their lives, starting from the service to the community.

Manila (AsiaNews) - In the slums of Manila collecting the rubbish and keeping the streets clean can also be a way to serve the mission of the Church. As demonstrated by the activity of 100 young people from the Parish Youth Council (PYC) of Balayan in the city of Lipa (Manila). They collect the waste at the edge of streets and homes for recycling and give the proceeds to charity.

"Young people today often look for something to give meaning to their lives - says Perly Carenan PYC leader - and often do not know how to deal with the contradictions of globalization and consumerism." Carenan says that the PYC initiative has as its aim to help young people to choose God as the answer and this through community service.

Once a month the young people go from house to house to collect garbage. This is divided according to the various types and recyclable material is sold to junk dealers. The proceeds go to support the programs of two centers for disabled and mentally ill in the nearby city of Tagaytay: St. John and St. Raphael Institute. In addition to this activity the young people meet every third Saturday of the month to reflect on the gospel and make new plans to help the community.

"Our members - says Carenan - try to do everything we can to glorify Christ and provide a useful service to the people." "The PYC - she adds - furthers the mission of young people as communicators of the Christian faith that through the grace of God will help to enhance the condition of human life, of people and the community."
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