07/17/2017, 19.24
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Young Maronites from around the world rediscover their roots

World Maronite Youth Days (WMYD) are currently underway (13-23 July) aimed at immersing young foreign-born Maronites in an Antiochian-Syriac cultural environment to deepen their faith.

Beirut (AsiaNews) – World Maronite Youth Days (WMYD) are currently underway (13-23 July) in Lebanon. Their aim is to immerse young Maronites born abroad in a Antiochian-Syriac cultural and human environment where they can deepen their Christian faith.

Organised by the Patriarchate Youth Pastoral Office following the World Youth Day model, the event began as soon as the first participants arrived.

Some 450 Maronite youths from five continents, especially Europe, Oceania, and the Americas travelled to the old country. Others came also from the Mideast, including Syria to meet about a thousand of their Lebanese peers, distributed among several dioceses so that they can learn about the various t Maronite centres.

The first part of the event ends tomorrow, followed by a more spiritually oriented part. Between 19 to 23 July participants will first visit some convents near Bkerke and then others in the north. On two important occasions, they will meet with the patriarch on the 19th in Bkerke, and on the 22nd in Dimane.

The schedule also includes a meeting with major Lebanese Church movements at Kaslik University on the 20th. On the same day, a procession will take place between the Saint-Charbel hermitage and Annaya convent. The same is scheduled for 21.

Some leisure and sporting activities are also planned for the ten-day event.

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