by Mathias Hariyadi

Places of worship, especially non-Islamic ones, are one of the most controversial issues in Indonesia. The dispute began last August. Complaints stem from the lack of permits for the use of residential housing for religious purposes.

| 16/01/2019

Fr John’s vocation for the missionary life began with an encounter with a PIME priest. From distant Loikaw, he arrived in Africa "ready and willing to accept any destination". His modus operandi is "listen, see, learn" to overcome the impact with such a different reality.

| 16/01/2019

On 18 January, the cardinal presides over the episcopal ordination of Fr. Najib Mikhael Moussa, Archbishop of Mosul and Fr. Robert Jarjis, auxiliary in Baghdad. The Muslims are happy for the return of "a Christian leader." Reconciliation, trust and reconstruction the challenges to be faced: the meeting with Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister and the common concern for the embargo.

| 16/01/2019

A group of Catholics, mostly young people, have addressed a letter to the diocesan Curia. Whilst appreciating the educational and charitable work the Church has offered so far, the petitioners demand the diocese not be China’s "vassal" and end the "colonial" phase of its work as a substitute services provider. It also notes the commitment of Christian in politics, defending the right of the faithful to religious freedom in China as well as Hong Kong’s freedom.

| 16/01/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Published on the website of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The leading role of the ecumenical patriarch is the cause of the break with Moscow. An ancient church in Kiev donated to Bartholomew I. President Petro Poroshenko rewards the two bishops of Muscovite obedience who took part in the Council of Unification.

| 16/01/2019
by Sumon Corraya

The words of Shah Ahmed Shafi, a radical cleric, have caused quite a stir. Later, he blamed the media for misquoting him. For activist, “He would like to take us back 100 years.”

| 15/01/2019

The Kumbh Mela, the largest Hindu gathering in the world, opened today in Allahabad. Earlier this month, a scientist at a congress said that scientific phenomenon would be named after Narendra Modi. Mythology and tradition are being reinterpreted from a nationalistic point of view.

| 15/01/2019
by Mons. Thomas Dabre*

The task is to proclaim that Jesus is the only saviour, whilst showing respect and appreciation for other religions. Correcting and purifying cultures must be done with "prudence and discretion", without using "arrogant and aggressive methods". The focus is on helping small basic ecclesial communities to mature in faith and life. The bishop of Poona laid out plans at the Plenary Assembly of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India of the Latin rite.

| 15/01/2019

Christian leader Sobhy Makhoul speaks of clashes between Israeli factions and parties fighting each other. An exhibition with a work that depicts the Ronald McDonald crucified like Jesus. The leaders of the Churches of Jerusalem ask for "respect" and renew the invitation to promote tolerance.

| 15/01/2019
Editor's choices
by Stefano Caprio*
The young bishop, 44, is responsible for the Churches of the Moscow Patriarchate in 13 European countries. The new Exarchate was revived after the break between Constantinople and Moscow over autocephaly granted to Ukraine. In the recent Synod of Moscow, ...
| 05/01/2019
by P. Luo Wen
Luo Wen explains why Msgr. Guo Xijin accepted Pope Francis's request, resigning as ordinary bishop to give way to formerly excommunicated Msgr. Zha Silu. The underground Church of Mindong was "faithful" to the Pope when they were asked not to celebrate ...
| 20/12/2018
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