27 July 2017
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  • 26/07/2017 - FRANCE – ISLAM

    The archbishop of Rouen led the Mass in the church where the priest was murdered. Emmanuel Macron thanks the Church of France for her "power of forgiveness". Saint-Etienne-du Rouvray has become a place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims.

    26/07/2017 - PALESTINE – ISRAEL

    Palestinian religious and political authorities continue to boycott the al-Aqsa mosque compound

    Israel has removed metal detectors, but has announced new security measures. Mahmoud Abbas wants a return to the status quo ante before things can get back to normal and talks resume. Israel’s Supreme Court rules in favour of a human rights NGO that called for the return of the bodies of the 14 July attackers.

    26/07/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Justice and peace condemns Lahore attack: rescue young people from the demon of terrorism

    by Shafique Khokhar

    The Taliban attacker between 16 and 18 years old. Extremist groups use "our youth to bring destruction". Educator: "It's not enough to kill some suspects. Terrorism is a wrong ideology that creeps into the depths of our society. "

    25/07/2017 - IRAQ

    Europe seeks role in the political future of Iraq

    by Luca Galantini

    The fall of Mosul opens a new chapter. On the back of its experience in the former Yugoslavia, the EU should seek to encourage the reconciliation process through medium to long-term diplomatic initiatives that can involve all local and central political and social institutions in order to avoid the risk of fragmentation that would fuel sectarianism And contrasts.


    25/07/2017 - CHINA

    Beijing to monitor Uyghur's phones

    Since mid-July, mobile phones must have a self-monitoring app, ostensibly to fight terrorism, but in fact to scrutinise their content. This gives Chinese police the means to check out anyone. This worries human rights organisations.

    25/07/2017 - FRANCE - ISLAM

    One year on from the assassination of Fr. Jacques Hamel: what has changed in France

    by Catherine Field (*)

    Commemorations for the 85-year-old parish priest whose throat was slit in front of the altar, presided by the Archbishop of Rouen, include President Emmanuel Macron, the Interior Minister and Muslim Representatives. The unity between Catholic and Muslim communities has been strengthened. But the government's fight against jihadism has many flaws. Overcrowded prisons, unemployment and marginalization are the ingredients for recruitment and radicalization.


    25/07/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Lahore, Christian neighborhood sealed off following Taliban bomb attack

    by Kamran Chaudhry

    Yesterday's attack was claimed by Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan. Access to the Bahar Colony within the area of the explosion, blocked. Nearly 50,000 Christians live in the neighborhood and there are nearly 200 churches. Bishops' study emergency aid for victims. At least 160 attacks occurred in Pakistan in 2013.


    25/07/2017 - ISRAEL - PALESTINE

    Israel removes metal detectors from Temple Mount

    The devices were dismantled before dawn. Netanyahu proposes to replace them with new "advanced" security technologies. The UN Security Council had asked for a solution by Friday. UN Middle East envoy: These events can create disasters far beyond the Middle East.


    24/07/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Faisalabad, a Christian enslaved and slaughtered by his Muslim master

    by Shafique Khokhar

    Javed Masih was 32 years old. With his job, he was repaying a debt that his family had contracted three years ago. Contracted, he was supposed to work 24 a month. In reality he was a slave. Accused of theft, he was tortured for days. The employer's family threatens serious consequences while police refuse to open an investigation.


    24/07/2017 - AFGHANISTAN

    Kabul: At least 24 die in attack on Shiite district

    A car filled with explosives ploughs into a ministerial bus. The number of victims, mostly civilians, could rise.


    24/07/2017 - JORDAN - ISRAEL

    Israeli Embassy in Amman: two Jordanians killed and one Israeli wounded

    Amman's security forces seal off neighborhood. Little news from Jordanian police. The Israeli foreign ministry censors information. Pope Francis makes appeal.


    22/07/2017 - ISRAEL - PALESTINE

    Protests in Jerusalem: Hundreds of Palestinians injured and three dead

    Tensions high since early morning. The clashes exploded after prayers, triggered by the stun grenade launched by the police to separate demonstrators. The victims between 18 and 20. In the evening, a Palestinian stabbed tand killed three settlers because "there is no life after what I have seen at al-Aqsa".


    21/07/2017 - SYRIA

    Disabled and orphaned by war, boy calls for a spring of peace in Syria

    Rabee Zarife is a 15-year-old Muslim. In November 2016, he lost his father and both legs when a shell exploded. Today, Caritas Syria is caring for him materially and psychologically. His greatest desire is to complete his studies but he still cannot go to school. Sometimes, he feels “like when I was a baby of one-year old”.

    21/07/2017 - MALAYSIA – ISLAM

    Record-breaking ‘Despacito’ banned in Malaysia as "obscene"

    The global his is deemed contrary to the morals and principles of the Muslim majority nation. State Tv and state radio cannot broadcast it. Private outlets are urged not to play it. For Communications Minister, entertainment should spoil people but make them better.

    21/07/2017 - IRAN

    Lawmakers to scrap citizenship law that discriminates against women

    Only men can pass their citizenship to their children and spouse. This way, thousands of children remain stateless. The most vulnerable are the children of Afghan refugees.

    20/07/2017 - EGYPT – CHINA

    China is suspected in the arrest of hundreds of Uyghur students

    China appears to be behind the round-up to get students home where they face long prison sentences on terrorism and extremism charges. Activists and international NGOs slam the "ridiculous" charges and the lack of legal protection for those in custody.

    19/07/2017 - IRAN – UNITED STATES

    New US sanctions angers Iran, which pledges its own sanctions

    New sanctions against the Islamic Republic are due to its support for “terrorist” groups and the Syrian regime as well as its missile programme. Some 18 entities or individuals are targeted. Washington is “deeply concerned" about Iran's "malign activities". Tehran slams the sanctions as illegal, pledges sanctions of its own against the US.

    19/07/2017 - PAKISTAN

    Punjab, 16-year-old Christian boy accused of blasphemy, police denies access to parents

    Shahzad Masih worked as a sweeper at the Shahmim Riaz Hospital, Gujrat District. His accuser, Ishtiaq Qadri, is a member of Tehreek-e-Tuhafaz, an Islamist extremist party. Death threats have forced his family to flee. Now the boy could die.

    18/07/2017 - TURKEY

    More human rights activists arrested in Turkey, including Amnesty International's Turkey director

    A Turkish court has remanded into custody six militants, including İdil Eser, in what Amnesty International calls a "travesty of justice". Two trainers, a Swedish and a German, have also been detained. They were charged with "committing a crime in the name of a terror organisation without being a member”, namely the Gülen movement.

    18/07/2017 - SRI LANKA

    For Sri Lanka’s prime minister, Buddhism will be dominant in constitution, but minorities ask not to be ignored

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Discussions are underway in Sri Lanka over changes to the 1978 constitution. Ranil Wikremasinghe tried to reassure some 70 Buddhist monks who made serious threats. For Anglican clergyman, “The ideal would be to separate state and religion." For Muslim leader in Colombo, “it is political drama”.

    17/07/2017 - QATAR – GULF

    UAE behind fake news that triggered Gulf crisis

    Unnamed US intelligence officials make the claim, according to the Washington Post. The UAE has denied it, saying it “had no role whatsoever” in the affair. FIFA also denies reports that Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations have called for Qatar to be stripped of the 2022 World Cup.

    15/07/2017 - ISRAEL – PALESTINE

    Jerusalem sealed off after attack on Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif

    The compound will remain closed until tomorrow when an Israeli security cabinet meeting will be held. Two Israeli Druze policemen die. Netanyahu promises no changes to the status quo, but the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif remains at the centre of tensions and violence.

    14/07/2017 - TURKEY

    One year after the "coup" arrests and purges continue under the reign of "Sultan" Erdoğan

    The repression campaign that began after the coup d'état of 15 July 2016 continues. More than 50,000 people have been arrested, 120,000 detained, and 170,000 investigated. The pilot who saved the president on the night of the coup lost his job. The government launched official celebration centred on nationalism and the cult of Erdoğan personality.

    14/07/2017 - BANGLADESH

    Eleven Christians elected in local elections in Mymensingh

    by Sumon Corraya

    Voting took place yesterday in 56 Union Parishad, the country’s smallest administrative units. There are 4,554 in Bangladesh. “Once we were forced to flee to India because of persecution by Muslims. Later we realised that to save ourselves as a minority in this country, we had to get involved in politics,” said Protestant leader.

    14/07/2017 - EGYPT

    Threat of attacks forces Evangelical and Coptic Churches to shut down activities

    The measure, in force for the months of July and August, motivated by fear of terrorist attacks. Pilgrimages, group trips, holidays cancelled, but religious functions will take place without any variation. Armored vehicles and snipers preside over places of worship. Anglican Pastor: We pray "for the security and stability of our country".

    13/07/2017 - IRAQ

    For Baghdad, Kurdish Referendum is a greater threat to Iraq’s unity and future than the Islamic State

    The vote could fuel fresh sectarian clashes. For some time, the Kurds have aspired to an independent state, but several of the region’s states (Syria, Iraq and, above all, Turkey) opposed the plan. Kurds have been used in regional wars, and now intend to decide their destiny. The US and Israel play a role. For Barzani, Baghdad is not a partner but could be a "good neighbour".

    13/07/2017 - ASIA

    28.5% of world’s youth live in an Islamic country

    Secretary of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation: Young people can be "resources for their countries and for the world," but it is necessary to fight the social problems and the narrative that leads to violent extremism.  

    13/07/2017 - INDIA

    Maharashtra, another Muslim lynched in the name of "sacred cows" (Video)

    The "cow watchers" suspected that he was transporting cattle. The episode takes place a few hours after the Supreme Court ruling suspending the ban on beef. The issue of cows is fracturing Indian society.

    13/07/2017 - YEMEN - UN

    UN: fighting parties and foreign allies to blame for deadly cholera epidemic

    UN Under-Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs speaks of "scandal" caused "entirely by man". The belligerents and those who support them too, "direct, supply, fight and perpetrate" violence. Contagious cases have risen to 320,000, at least 1740 casualties. 250 million dollars needed to deal with the emergency, so far only 47 collected.

    12/07/2017 - INDIA – YEMEN

    Abducted in Yemen, Fr Tom is still alive

    Yemen’s deputy prime minister made the announcement. His government will do everything possible to free the Salesian clergyman. India’s External Affairs Ministry offers its assistance to obtain the release.

    Editor's choices

    60 years of the Chinese Patriotic Association: the Church subordinated to Politics

    Shan Ren Shen Fu (山人神父)

    Although in a low key - perhaps because of talks with the Vatican - the slogan for an "autonomous" and "independent" Church (from the Holy See) is completely subjugated to Party politics. Official bishops die like "state officials" far from the faithful. The Party forces its members to atheism. There are few  "witnesses" among official bishops and many  "opportunists".


    Pope appeals for "moderation and dialogue" in Jerusalem

    At the Angelus Francis, concerned about the violence in the Holy City, asks all to pray "so that the Lord may inspire intentions of reconciliation and peace in all." Evil and good are "intertwined" in each of us, and it is not for man to distinguish or judge.


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