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08/04/2015 VATICAN
Pope to altar servers: The joy of friendship with Jesus makes us all missionaries
Meeting thousands of participants in the international pilgrimage "Here I am Lord. Send me!", involving children and young people from about 20 countries, Francis thanks the altar servers and recalls that "it was God who made the first move. God’s actions were not impeded by his imperfections; it was God’s goodness alone that enables us to take up the mission, transforming us nto a totally new person and therefore one able to respond to the call of the Lord"
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - The joy of friendship with Jesus Christ "makes us all naturally missionaries. Like the prophet Isaiah, we too are astonished to discover that it was God who made the first move; God is the one drawing close. He noticed that God’s actions were not impeded by his imperfections; it was God’s goodness alone that enabled him to take...

First US air raid in Syria, to "defend" rebels fighting against jihadists (and Assad)
The United States has launched its first ever series of attacks to defend the "New Syria". It is a local rebel group, trained and equipped by Washington in the war against the Islamic State (and Damascus). US-Turkey axis gathers strength in the Syrian conflict.
08/04/2015 QATAR-US-IRAN
US "accelerates" arms sales to Gulf monarchies, after "landmark deal" with Iran
Secretary of State, John Kerry, defends the agreement, but also promises new weapons, more joint military exercises, a regional ballistic missile. The Gulf monarchies among the largest customers in the arms trade. Rouhani and Javad Sharif propose talks between the Islamic nations to resolve armed conflicts in Yemen and Syria.
08/04/2015 PAKISTAN
Another hanging in Pakistan: almost 200 executions so far in 2015
Appeals useless for Shafqat Hussain, convicted of murder when he was 14. According to his lawyers, his confession was obtained by torture. After lifting its moratorium on the death penalty, Pakistan is set to have the highest rate of executions worldwide
08/03/2015 IRAQ
For Erbil archbishop, education will save Christians from the barbarity of the Islamic State
A year after the invasion of the Nineveh plain, Mgr Bashar Warda spoke the situation of Christian refugees. The Kurdish region is "safe" haven but "we are waiting for the liberation" of our lands. Housing, health care, and education remain the priority. To ensure a Christian future in Iraq, education and literacy are the right response to Jihadi violence.

08/03/2015 INDONESIA
Indonesian Muslim women fighting back: woman divorces husband and asks US$ 10,000 for her lost virginity
The case occurred in Najarmasin, southern Sulawesi. The husband had first sued his wife demanding US$ 5,000 for the love he showed her during the marriage. The wife has refused to pay. The parties have so far failed to reach an agreement.
08/03/2015 PAKISTAN
Asia Bibi’s lawyer speaks out: Pakistani government is solely responsible for situation
by Silent Thinker
AsiaNews interviews Saiful Malook, who is defending the Christian woman on death row on blasphemy charges. The lawyer, a Muslim, says: "People, even judges, say I am crazy to have taken on this case. They say I am an enemy of my own daughters".
08/02/2015 VATICAN
For pope, Jesus urges us to look for the "bread of life", which expresses His love
During the Angelus, Francis commented the Gospel of John. The crowds that followed Jesus for material bread did not understand their own "spiritual blindness". Christ "is gift and the one who gives it.” In light of the encounter with Him, the sufferings of human life “will be illuminated." Remembering the Pardon of Assisi, the “Father forgives everyone,” he “always forgives everything”.
08/01/2015 IRAQ
Baghdad Patriarch calls for prayer of peace one year after Nineveh’s fall
by Louis Raphael I Sako*
Overnight on 6-7 August 2014, Islamic State terrorists seized Christian the villages in the Nineveh Plain and forced out hundreds of thousands of people. A year later, Mar Sako addresses a prayer to the pope and the bishops of the world "to join with us in this sad anniversary."
07/30/2015 INDIA
India executes Yakub Memom, plotter of the 1993 Mumbai bomb attacks
by Nirmala Carvalho
He was hanged in Nagpur prison a few hours after India’s Supreme Court dismissed his final plea. For a social activist, this is “very sad day for me. Death punishment is not an option; it is nothing but state murder."
07/30/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Erdogan’s ambiguous policy and the beginning of the Turkish (and Kurdish) tragedy
by NAT da Polis
Air strikes against IS in Syria and PKK targets in northern Iraq are a last ditch attempt to save Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman policies. A great game is being played out in the Middle East to redesign the borders between Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. The United States also seems to be using IS. The Incirlik air bases is part of the bargaining between Washington and Ankara.
07/28/2015 INDONESIA
Christians and Buddhists celebrate the end of Ramadan to fight violence with peace
Religious leaders from various faith groups take part in halal bilhalal celebrations, which are traditionally held across the country with the participation of religious leaders from different faiths. This year, such meetings come at a time of rising confessional tensions and violence.
07/28/2015 SAUDI ARABIA
Second Saudi execution after Ramadan
The man executed was a hashish trafficker. No executions took place during the holy month. In the first seven months of 2015, the Saudi kingdom carried out 104 executions. In 2014, 84 took place.
07/28/2015 PAKISTAN
Court convicts five in attack against vigil honouring Taseer, killed because he had defended Asia Bibi
Five men have been convicted for attacking people taking part in a vigil last January to mark the anniversary of the death of the governor of Punjab. For Christian activist, this is “a good start,” but the main culprit “is still at large”.
07/27/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Ankara changing strategy vis-à-vis the Islamic state and the Kurds at NATO meeting
by Sami Osman
Tomorrow’ "emergency meeting" is set for Ankara with all NATO representatives. Yesterday Turkish jets carried out air strikes against PKK bases north of Dohuk and Arbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey wants to ensure that no autonomous Kurdish region emerges in Syria. Clashes occur in Istanbul and Diyarbakir.

Altri articoli
After yesterday's clashes in Jerusalem, Palestinian dies today trying to escape arrest
07/26/2015 VATICAN-SYRIA
Pope: urgent appeal for the release of Fr. Dall'Oglio, kidnapped two years ago in Syria
07/25/2015 TURKEY
Ankara unleashes air raids and arrests against Islamic jihadists and Kurdish militants by Sami Osman
07/24/2015 CHINA
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions by Joseph Yuan
A new anti-discrimination law is a step forward in terms of religious freedom by Samir Khalil Samir
07/24/2015 IRAQ
Baghdad’s auxiliary bishop praises children’s prayers for peace in an Iraq engulfed in blood and violence
07/24/2015 PAKISTAN
Lahore: ‘Youhanabad Project,’ a summer camp for children victimised by church attacks by Shafique Khokhar
07/23/2015 ISRAEL - IRAN
After nuclear deal, Israel ought to become Iran’s best ally by Uri Avnery
07/23/2015 PAKISTAN
For Muslims and Christians, Asia Bibi’s misfortune can be an opportunity to reform the blasphemy laws by Shafique Khokhar
07/22/2015 TURKEY
An Islamic State-affiliated 20-year-old man identified as Suruç bomber
07/22/2015 PAKISTAN
After Supreme Court stays Asia Bibi’s execution and orders new hearing, Paul Bhatti hopes to see her free
07/22/2015 UAE
UAE: a law against religious discrimination
07/22/2015 INDONESIA – ISLAM
Possible attacks on churches trigger high security alert in Indonesia by Mathias Hariyadi
07/22/2015 YEMEN
First UN humanitarian aid to Aden, after four months of war
Editor's choices
Wenzhou: 90-year-old bishop and 26 priests protest against cross demolitions
by Joseph YuanThis is not the first time that the old bishop and his priests speak out against the demolition campaign against crosses and churches, which has touched more than 400 buildings. During the protest, police tried to disperse the group, which sought to submit a petition. The faithful recite a Crown of the Divine Mercy is in support of the Chinese Church. In Lishui, churches are expected to be torn down by 31 August.
After nuclear deal, Israel ought to become Iran’s best ally
by Uri AvneryThis is the thesis of Uri Avnery, leader of Gush Shalom, a major supporter of peace between Israelis and Palestinians. According to the great statesman and peace activist, Iran only wants to be a regional power in the Islamic world, able to trade with everyone, inspired by a sophisticated experience that goes back thousands of years. Iran, which faces backward-looking Gulf monarchies and emirates, could be a great ally against Daesh. Meanwhile in Israel Netanyahu, politicians and the media continue to blunder.
Top 10
07/31/2015 PHILIPPINES
Artists, donors and activists among 2015 Asia’s “Nobel Prize” winners
07/30/2015 SRI LANKA
The civil war did not stop Dilakshini’s yearning to study
by Melani Manel Perera
07/29/2015 RUSSIA
The dispute between Russia and Ukraine also involves the prince who Christianised Rus
by Nina Achmatova
08/04/2015 TIBET – CHINA
China’s Communist Party will pick the “next Dalai Lama, period!”
07/30/2015 ISRAEL - VATICAN
Two young Jewish extremists arrested over Church of Loaves and fishes arson in Tabgha
by Joshua Lapide
07/30/2015 CHINA
Unofficial catholic community of Wenzhou speak out against forced demolition of Crosses, whole diocese fasting
by Joseph Yuan
08/04/2015 CHINA – VATICAN
Ordained with a papal mandate, Fr Joseph Zhang Yinlin becomes the new coadjutor bishop of Anyang (Henan). The photo gallery
by Joseph Yuan
07/29/2015 KAZAKHSTAN
Nuclear fuel bank in Kazakh site under international control
08/03/2015 PAKISTAN
Asia Bibi’s lawyer speaks out: Pakistani government is solely responsible for situation
by Silent Thinker
07/30/2015 TURKEY – SYRIA – IRAQ
Erdogan’s ambiguous policy and the beginning of the Turkish (and Kurdish) tragedy
by NAT da Polis


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