Scholars are leaving the city for lack of academic freedom and the fear of being imprisoned for their research and teaching activities. In 2021, Hong Kong's population decreased by 23,600. The exodus is also affected by draconian rules to counter the spread of COVID-19.

by Melani Manel Perera

A 63-year-old truck driver died on the fifth day of waiting for fuel. A mother threw her five-year-old son into the Kelani River and attempted suicide. Food prices rise and there is a shortage of medicines. Opposition fears danger of civil war amid growing conflict. 

| 25/06/2022
by Beatrice Guarrera

The couple are part of the delegation invited to represent Taiwan. Married for 28 years, two children, they are involved in projects to support nascent or struggling families in China, Malaysia, the Philippines. The issue of blended families and the path aimed at dialogue and formation. Engagement with priests in formation for pastoral care.

| 25/06/2022

An Amnesty International report speaks of indiscriminate and insensitive demolitions. Affected at least 558,000 inhabitants, foreigners denied even state-promised reparations. Behind the image of a "progressive and opulent" nation emerge "horrific stories of abuse and violations." 

| 25/06/2022
by Stefano Caprio

The countries with which Russia feels itself at odds today are not "enemies," but "unfriendly" countries. The theses of Vladimir Solov'ev, who at the threshold of the 20th century recalled the "feminine nature" of Russia to ponder the depths of this definition. In this perspective, war is a reaction that affirms the injustice and masculine violence of a West that lives for itself and does not honor its bride's capacity for sacrifice, her desire to generate a new world.

| 25/06/2022

Today's headlines: a U.N. investigation determines that Israeli security forces killed Shireen Abu Aqla; Afghanistan lacks medicine for earthquake survivors, yesterday five more victims of aftershocks; Vietnamese church organizes a "National Synodal Cup 2022-23" soccer match; Siberia floods destroyed two bridges, isolated villages. 

| 25/06/2022

“L'Osservatore di strada” will be published on the first Sunday of every month, handed out the homeless in St Peter's Square. The Dicastery for Communication, which is behind the monthly supplement, wants to give a voice to the poor, who will also be the paper’s main writers and publishers. The first issue is set to come out on 29 June, Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.

| 24/06/2022
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“L'Osservatore di strada” will be published on the first Sunday of every month, handed out the homeless in St Peter's Square. The Dicastery for Communication, which is behind the monthly supplement, wants to give a voice to the poor, ...
| 24/06/2022
The apostolic administrator warns Frs Htwe and Ate against openly opposing the generals. In a video published by AsiaNews they say they were forced to flee with exiles to Thailand where they will continue “standing with our suffering people”. ...
| 24/06/2022
In 58 of the 76 countries where Christians are most persecuted, they say they have also been forced to leave their homes, reveals a new report by the NGO active in the defence of religious freedom: "It is not a consequence, but part of the strategy ...
| 15/06/2022
Born in Pakse, the new priest was a lay missionary for years among the last and was jailed twice. As he completed his theological studies to become a priest in Manila, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The ordination took place this morning in the ...
| 13/06/2022
by Alessandra De Poli
Some 60 pre-schoolers have benefitted from the latest project by New Humanity International, leaving their parents to work during the day. Those behind the initiative also want to get the children registered with the authorities io ensure they have access ...
| 09/06/2022
by Vladimir Rozanskij
The metropolitan was the Moscow patriarch's "foreign minister". He did not directly support Kirill's pro-Putin positions on the attack on Ukraine. He also tried to keep dialogue with other Churches open, starting with the Vatican. Moved (exiled) ...
| 08/06/2022
Over 50s can't find work and receive no welfare benefits. Those who stay in the countryside earn €1,400 a year, but the cost of living is three times that amount. The economic crisis does not help. Premier Li Keqiang called on to repair the ...
| 03/06/2022
by Nirmala Carvalho
Among the new cardinals chosen by Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Hyderabad comes from an "outcaste" family in Andhra Pradesh. A very significant choice after the controversy over the appointments of bishops in Tamil Nadu. The newly appointed bishop ...
| 29/05/2022
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”