by Alessandra De Poli | BANGLADESH

While an Internet and communications blackout continues, the number of arrests topped 2,500. Unlike in the past, dissatisfaction with the government affects all segments of society. This has to do with a stagnant economy and changes to the workplace, Fr Gian Paolo Gualzetti reports. The PIME missionary runs a youth labour centre outside the capital Dhaka.

by Silvia Torriti

In the first months of 2024, a drop of almost 10% compared to last year. The difficulties and new lifestyles of the one-child generation. Authorities worried about the consequences that the boom in singles could have on social stability. But alongside cities building new romantic parks, there are also ‘technological’ responses.

| 23/07/2024
by Arundathie Abeysinghe

With an uncontrolled spread of firearms, the country is experiencing an unprecedented escalation of violence, linked to drug trafficking. Sri Lanka is now a global hub for the transit of heroin from South Asia to Europe. The shadows of the civil war that ended in 2009 weigh heavily. The most vulnerable, poor and unemployed young people are affected.

| 23/07/2024
by Vladimir Rozanskij

According tolatest data, Russians interest i the occult public and esoteric literature is growing rapidly in the shadow of the Ukraine war. And on local web platforms are spreading colourful prophecies about the advent of a new mythological figure who is supposed to ‘reunite and raise Holy Rus’.

| 23/07/2024

The vice president, who is now running for the White House after Joe Biden bowed out, has never shied away from her roots in Tamil Nadu. Meeting Modi last year, she said that she got her passion for democracy from her grandfather in Chennai. The very story of her mother Shyamala Gopalan epitomises the rise of the Indian-American community in the country. And Usha Chilukuri Vance, the wife of the Republican vice-presidential candidate, is also of Indian origin, from the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

| 22/07/2024

The recent third party plenum, among other decisions, gave a green light to local governments to exercise greater “autonomous fiscal capacity" to cope with a growing gap between revenues and expenditures. When China’s real estate bubble burst, prefecture-level and county-level governments found their huge debts even more unsustainable. Meanwhile, the central bank has cut rates again to stimulate growth that has failed so far to meet expectations.

| 22/07/2024
by Stefano Vecchia

In his third State of the Nation address, Philippine President Marcos announced the end of concessions to offshore gaming operators and reiterated the need to boost national defence even after a deal was struck with China over supplying a ship aground in the South China Sea. Despite the government claims, a recent report shows that households feel poorer.

| 22/07/2024
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The vice president, who is now running for the White House after Joe Biden bowed out, has never shied away from her roots in Tamil Nadu. Meeting Modi last year, she said that she got her passion for democracy from her grandfather in Chennai. The very ...
| 22/07/2024
The general secretary of the Vietnamese Communist Party, the first to obtain three mandates, dies at the age of eighty. His powers were transferred yesterday to the former Minister of Public Security who, through his anti-corruption campaign, has removed ...
| 19/07/2024
Students, who have been protesting for days demanding the abolition of quotas in public hiring, set fire to the state TV headquarters and other government offices in response to a harsh police crackdown. Yesterday alone 32 people were killed. The protest ...
| 19/07/2024
Called Teachme AI, the software was recently tested at a meat shop. In 15 minutes, a 30-minute video can be created with instructions for foreign workers, who now number two million in Japan.  
| 17/07/2024
The PIME missionary from Italy today began a hunger strike in front of the government headquarter, Admiralty district. He is moved by the injustice inflicted upon an African immigrant’s daughter and hundreds of prisoners jailed for crimes of opinion. ...
| 15/07/2024
Elliptic, a British blockchain analysis company, exposes a marketplace called HuiOne Guarantee, which also involves Hun To, cousin of current Prime Minister Hun Manet. Chinese groups are involved in the illicit business. Worth US$ 11 billion dollars, ...
| 12/07/2024
by Sumon Corraya
Tens of thousands of young people have been on the streets for five days in the capital and across the country. They are demanding reform of the system that favours relatives of independence fighters. Amnesty's concern over police violence. Nil ...
| 12/07/2024
After a series of drone raids, the Israeli military declared the area where the facility is located a red zone" forcing the evacuation of patients. For Primate Welby, “Hospitals must be protected under international humanitarian law.” Pope ...
| 09/07/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”