by Nirmala Carvalho | INDIA

Undisturbed, the chairman of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights continues his campaign of persecution against Christian educational establishments. After threatening to arrest the bishop of Jabalpur, he recently targeted a children’s centre in Katni. The BJP-ruled state goes to the polls in November and now children are used as a political pawn by those who should instead protect them.

Francis dedicated today's general audience in St Peter's Square entirely to the Jesuit apostle of China. May the example of the young people from Ukraine and Russia living together as brothers and sisters in the Italian citadel of Rondine "arouse intentions of peace also in those who have political responsibilities".

| 31/05/2023
by Fady Noun

The cardinal is on a diplomatic tour to break the "deadlock" around the election of the Lebanese head of state. The Frangié option, supported by Hezbollah but considered too polarising, is declining. On the other hand, consensus is growing around the name of Jihad Azour. For Macron, Christians must remain a "central" element in the confessional and institutional balance of the Land of the Cedars.

| 31/05/2023
by Vladimir Rozanskij

After ten years (and old grudges), the foreign ministers of the two countries have met again to lay the foundations for eocnomic cooperation. Alongside trade exchanges, programmes for direct air routes and the abolition of entry visas are also planned.

| 31/05/2023

FAO and the World Food Programme sound the alarm. The long-term effects of last summer's floods, from which the country has yet to recover, are compounded by political and financial instability. With imports cut because of the lack of foreign currency, food is increasingly out of reach for many while inflation is way up.

| 30/05/2023

Peak demand risks crashing the national power grid. The authorities asked industrial consumers to reduce operations during peak hours. Vietnam and its neighbours see record temperatures, up to 45 Celsius.

| 30/05/2023

The Family Global Compact was presented today in the Vatican to get Catholic universities to share their thoughts, studies and proposals that can enhance the family’s contribution to the economy, society and the development of the person. For Pope Francis, “Healthy family relationships represent a unique source of enrichment, not only for spouses and children but for the entire ecclesial and civil community.”

| 30/05/2023
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Francis calls for closeness to Chinese Christians on the Day the Church celebrates the feast of Mary Help of Christians venerated at the Sheshan shrine. A special thought "for the pastors and faithful who suffer": may they find "consolation and ...
| 24/05/2023
by Melani Manel Perera
Fourteen years after the end of the conflict between the army and the Tamil militias in the North and East regions, tens of thousands of women who have lost husbands, fathers and brothers are still struggling to survive in a context aggravated by the ...
| 19/05/2023
Taiwan, containing China, and the Ukraine War will top the agenda of this year’s summit of the most industrialised countries. In light of regional dynamics, they will be joined by India, South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Meanwhile, China is ...
| 18/05/2023
The guard, Muhammad Alam Khan, was hired to protect the school. After his arrest, investigators are looking for a motive. A few years ago, the school was shut down due to terrorist attacks by the Taliban. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai was ...
| 17/05/2023
by John Ai
The influx of economic migrants into China's four largest metropolitan areas has stopped. The population decline represents an epochal turning point for the country. The birth rate is also plummeting. The 'first-tier' cities are becoming ...
| 17/05/2023
Wazir Khan, a 23-year-old activist, set up Today Child in Bagrami, 17 km from downtown Kabul, where, with a group of volunteers, he holds lessons for about 1,000 boys and girls, and goes door-to-door to speak to families about the importance of education, ...
| 16/05/2023
The Move Forward Party led by Pita Limjaroenrat won the most seats, but will need allies to rule, probably the For Thais Party, which came second. The high turnout (75-80 per cent) shows that voters trust the youth-led anti-military movement. According ...
| 15/05/2023
Elected by the General Assembly of the confederation of charitable bodies of the Catholic Churches worldwide. His first words, "On the front lines to welcome, accompany, serve and defend the poor and vulnerable." Bangladeshi layman Benedict Alo D'Rozario ...
| 14/05/2023
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”