The Jewish state has agreed to the transfer of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia in return for access to Saudi airspace to shorten flight times with the Far East. This is a “mall step” for the gradual rapprochement between the two countries.


by Vladimir Rozanskij

Bishops Lavrenov and Novikov clash. The community is allowed to have different points of view, as long as they do not contradict the Holy Scriptures. In Soviet times, Pentecostals were among the most persecuted of believers; today they endure Putin's restrictions with great difficulty. Catholics and Protestants under systematic surveillance after invasion launch.



| 07/07/2022

A survey conducted by Arab Barometer between late 2021 and early 2022 in nine Arab countries and the Palestinian Territories shows that a majority of respondents believe that democracy does not guarantee stability and development. More and more people are frustrated by their living conditions. Lebanon is the worse-off country.

| 06/07/2022

Inflation has reached its highest level in 22 years. For months, experts have been warning that the country could end up like Sri Lanka. Higher prices are compounded by the country’s sovereign debt crisis. According to some, the economic crisis is increasingly in danger of becoming political.

| 06/07/2022
by Shafique Khokhar

Drugged by a friend, the victim was taken away while her parents slept upstairs. The next day she was forced to convert to Islam and marry. Police refused to register the complaint filed by her family. For Human Rights Focus Pakistan, “more than a thousand such incidents occur every year”.

| 06/07/2022

Xu Guang was detained by the police on the eve of 4 June, which is the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. He was imprisoned for demanding the return of his confiscated mobile phone. For years he has been calling for a review of the official verdict on the 1989 repression.

| 06/07/2022

​Myanmar resistance forces report data. Burmese military apologises to Thailand after incursion into airspace. Meanwhile, the number of refugees rises and arrests of Burmese migrants crossing the border through traffickers continue.

| 06/07/2022
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by Dario Salvi
Card. Zenari on experiencing in Syria what John Paul II called "the imagination of charity": The Church and Christians are multiplying their solidarity initiatives, but the emigration that risks emptying the community is weighing heavily. ...
| 05/07/2022
More than 200 bishops, priests and lay people gathered in Tagaytay City for the last phase of the National Synodal Consultation called for by Pope Francis. Meanwhile, the Bishops' Conference plans to discuss a proposal to ask the Vatican to set up ...
| 04/07/2022
“L'Osservatore di strada” will be published on the first Sunday of every month, handed out the homeless in St Peter's Square. The Dicastery for Communication, which is behind the monthly supplement, wants to give a voice to the poor, ...
| 24/06/2022
The apostolic administrator warns Frs Htwe and Ate against openly opposing the generals. In a video published by AsiaNews they say they were forced to flee with exiles to Thailand where they will continue “standing with our suffering people”. ...
| 24/06/2022
In 58 of the 76 countries where Christians are most persecuted, they say they have also been forced to leave their homes, reveals a new report by the NGO active in the defence of religious freedom: "It is not a consequence, but part of the strategy ...
| 15/06/2022
Born in Pakse, the new priest was a lay missionary for years among the last and was jailed twice. As he completed his theological studies to become a priest in Manila, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The ordination took place this morning in the ...
| 13/06/2022
by Alessandra De Poli
Some 60 pre-schoolers have benefitted from the latest project by New Humanity International, leaving their parents to work during the day. Those behind the initiative also want to get the children registered with the authorities io ensure they have access ...
| 09/06/2022
by Vladimir Rozanskij
The metropolitan was the Moscow patriarch's "foreign minister". He did not directly support Kirill's pro-Putin positions on the attack on Ukraine. He also tried to keep dialogue with other Churches open, starting with the Vatican. Moved (exiled) ...
| 08/06/2022
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”