Built in a year, next to a parish church, the new facility is home to some 40 seminarians from the country’s northern dioceses. Archbishop Joseph Vũ Văn Thiên led the ceremony, also attended by the Papal Representative to Vietnam, Archbishop Marek Zalewski, who took office a few weeks ago in the Vietnamese capital.

Changes will enter into force on 1 January 2025, affecting mainly prices and land management. According to critics, corrupt officials and large private companies will continue to benefit at the expense of ordinary people. Former Deputy Minister Đặng Hùng Võ laments that in many cases, the government takes land to hand it over to private firms, and the revised law is not likely to change this.


| 19/01/2024

The delegation was led by Lê Hoài Trung, chairman of the Communist Party’s Commission for External Relations. The new phase that began with the appointment of a permanent Vatican representative in April will see the Vatican Secretary for Relations with States travel to Hanoi followed Card Parolin by the end of the year. For Archbishop Gallagher, “there will be a visit” by the pope, but “We will do things gradually”.

| 18/01/2024

Today's news: in Gaza, a hospital again under attack; In Vietnam first hearing of maxi-trial for "gun attack" in Central Highlands; Indian migrant workers going to Israel will not be entitled to Delhi's social protections; Fourth spill of treated water from Fukushima in February; Istanbul, a fee for foreign visitors to enter Hagia Sophia.

| 17/01/2024

Today's news: Maldives calls for withdrawal of Indian troops from archipelago; New Pyongyang missile experiment, launches hypersonic solid-fuel medium range missile; First public appearance by Vietnamese Communist Party chief after days of health speculation; Work to restore the Baghdad-Kirkuk railway, closed for 20 years.

| 15/01/2024

The solemn ceremony in Phan Tieh following the 'paralell' one held on 29 October in Hanoi for Bishop Francois Pallu. The 17th century french missionarieswere the country's first two bishops. They encourgaed the first local priests and the first congregation of nuns in Asia. A symbolic gesture of the vitality of the Vietnamese Church.

| 14/01/2024

Today's news: despite pro-life propaganda  record number of women resorting to sterilisation in Russia; Vietnamese court sentences two former ministers to prison for corruption; At least two dead and 12 injured in an explosion in Kabul, the third in a few days; In Thailand the Israeli embassy launches campaign to remember hostages in the hands of Hamas in Gaza.

| 13/01/2024
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“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”