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Leading in the polls Ferdinand Marcos Jr is holding to a more ambiguous position. Other candidates call for the 2016 ruling against Chinese claims to be upheld. The four want closer cooperation with the United States and its allies as well as greater ...
| 24/01/2022
by Marta Ottaviani
The first round of talks took place in Moscow, and a second will probably be held in Turkey. Peace would help Armenia break the economic isolation that made it the poorest former Soviet republic in the Caucasus. Erdogan needs a success to counter the ...
| 21/01/2022
In Open Doors’ World Watch List 2022, Afghanistan bumps North Korea for the top spot as the most hostile place for Christians in the world, even though the situation in the East Asian country has worsened. On average, 16 Christians are killed and ...
| 19/01/2022
A prayer hall was discovered during excavation at the mosque destroyed during the battle between the Islamic State and Iraqi forces. The discovery includes a prayer hall, columns and four rooms for ablutions. The findings date back to before the 12th ...
| 19/01/2022
by Shafique Khokhar
Zafar Bhatti has been in prison since 2012. Despite his claims of innocence, a judge who reviewed the Christian man’s sentence decided to change it to a death sentence. His desperate family is calling for prayers.  He “was framed” ...
| 18/01/2022
by Mathias Hariyadi
President Widodo made the decision in 2019, but the project was halted due to the pandemic. The city will rise in East Kalimantan, in the centre of the country. Jakarta will remain as economic and financial hub.
| 18/01/2022
Around 10 million children born in 2021, just 480,000 more than the number of people who have died. The population may have reached its peak. The demographic slowdown is being affected by high cost of living and new social habits. The situation ...
| 17/01/2022
by Marta Ottaviani
Turkey invested a lot in Kazakhstan in recent years, not only in economic terms. Nazarbayev’s regime pulled the country away from Russian influence in favour of a Turkic-oriented nation-building process; now the call to CSTO troops will test the ...
| 15/01/2022
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”