At a rally in Jharkhand on the eve of the last voting round, the Indian prime minister attacked some schools that chose Friday as a public holiday instead of Sunday, claiming that after Hindus, Muslims are also “fighting with Christians". He also vowed that Muslims would never be eligible for benefits meant for Dalits and tribal people.

by Mathias Hariyadi

In a meeting with the Bishops' Conference, the Minister of Religious Affairs took stock of the Department's initiatives for Catholics. Also announced were permits for the construction of two new churches in the archdioceses of Jakarta and Pelambang

| 29/05/2024

According to Amnesty International's annual report, 1153 death sentences are the highest figure for the past eight years and an increase of more than 30% compared to 2022. In contrast, the number of nations (16) in which people are executed is falling. The sad record goes to the Islamic Republic with 853 hangings. But data (secret, but in the thousands) from China, North Korea and Vietnam are missing. 

| 29/05/2024
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Long under attack from opposition parties and movements and even the Apostolic Church for his policy of ‘normalising’ the conflict with Azerbaijan and emancipating himself from Russia's protection, the Armenian president categorically rules out the possibility of early elections. Kremlin keeps watch, knowing that Yerevan will not be able to do without Moscow's military and economic support.

| 29/05/2024

New arrest order was issued for jailed lawyer Chow Hang-tung and five other people who tried to use Facebook to keep alive the memory of the victims of the student massacre 35 years ago. This comes a few days before the 4 June anniversary. The people charged face up to seven years in prison for “resisting memory rewriting.”

| 28/05/2024

Societal discrimination is pushing single mothers to give their children up for adoption, starting with their family. South Korean single parents are the poorest among OECD countries. International adoptions have been a lucrative business for years; only recently is the situation changing.

| 28/05/2024
by Arundathie Abeysinghe

Connectivity is the key word in relations between Delhi and Colombo, in different areas: maritime, air, energy, trade, economic and people-to-people. Projects examined include the so-called "Land Connectivity Corridor", a bridge over the sea – for road and rail – connecting Talaimannar to Rameswaram. India contributed to the island's economy at the worst of its crisis.

| 28/05/2024
Editor's choices
by Gianni Criveller
AsiaNews’s editorial director looks at the conferences that marked a hundred years since the Council of Shanghai. While acknowledging past mistakes, he insists that most missionaries were committed to the good of the Chinese people. The nationalism ...
| 23/05/2024
by Giorgio Bernardelli
The bishop of Shanghai is in Rome for the conference marking the centennial of the first meeting of all Chinese bishops. The Church is one, but its development in China must "be in line" with the "great rebirth of the Chinese nation”. Communion ...
| 21/05/2024
Three people have died and hundreds have been injured in recent clashes between police and pro-independence protesters in the French Overseas Territory. For the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), “It cannot be ignored that eruption of violence ...
| 17/05/2024
by Silvia Torriti
Cranes and excavators are back at work after they were halted in June 2020 following local opposition and academic criticism, social media in China report. Ostensibly, the goal is to modernise rural life by merging a fifth of 70,000 villages, forcing ...
| 16/05/2024
Today's news: Pyongyang laundered 7.5 million in stolen cryptocurrencies in March alone; Rosewood trade from Mozambique to China finances Islamic State militants; YouTube blocks "Glory to Hong Kong" videos as requested by local government; Israel ...
| 15/05/2024
Zhang Zhan, 40, was a leading human rights advocate in Shanghai. The Christian woman was supposed to be freed today after four years in prison, but her fate remains unknown while her family has been forced into silence. Activist groups following her ...
| 13/05/2024
Receiving in audience a delegation led by the new Major Archbishop Raphael Thattil, the pontiff publicly expressed his assent to a request made for years by the Churches of the East, especially for their faithful in the Persian Gulf. A new harsh warning ...
| 13/05/2024
by Nirmala Carvalho
The 38-year-old member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross graduated from college in Mumbai before embracing the religious life. The new priest told AsiaNews: “My vocation and mission as a priest are to provide all the Sacraments in the Indian ...
| 07/05/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”