Currently in intensive care, the seven-year-old is the only person to be seriously wounded by Iran’s attack against Israel because her house and village were not covered by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system. Nothing is known of the fate of Bedouins taken hostage to Gaza. Bedouins in the Negev remain embroiled in disputes and risk seeing their homes demolished and their villages disappear.

by Steve Suwannarat

Under pressure from local businessmen, Parliament wants to relax stringent regulations on the protection of the sea and working conditions on fishing vessels, which are often linked to human trafficking. The current law had been passed in 2015 under pressure from the European Union, which threatened a ban on local fish products. But now, with industrial production in crisis, Thailand hopes to catch up by 'liberalising' the sector.

| 15/04/2024
by Melani Manel Perera

The economic crisis is being felt by street vendors for Avurudu, the national holiday celebrated in these hours that marks the beginning of the year for both Sinhalas and Tamils. 

| 15/04/2024
by Vladimir Rozanskij

Having archived the historic friendship between Putin and Netanyahu, the change in Russian-Israeli relations did not begin on 7 October 2023, but when Israel began openly supporting Ukraine more than a year earlier. And on the Moscow-Tehran-Beijing axis, Middle Eastern issues are both symbolic and practical.

| 15/04/2024

After Iran attacks Israel, Francis issues an appeal in St Peter's Square to avoid "an even greater military conflict”. Instead, nations should stand for peace and pursue the paths of negotiation. Calling for a two-state solution, he insists that this is a “deep and legitimate desire" for Israelis and Palestinians. On Gaza, “Let us help that population, plunged into a humanitarian catastrophe”.

| 14/04/2024
by Sara Toffano

Archbishop Gallagher’s meetings in Hanoi brought to the fore the unique relationship between Vietnam’s Catholicism and the country’s rulers, a topic revisited a few weeks ago in Paris in an interesting conference by Prof Claire Tran at the headquarters of the MÉP. It all started with the “instructions” given by Pope Alexander VII in 1659 to the first apostolic vicar Pierre Lambert de la Motte.

| 14/04/2024
by Fady Noun

Tensions are rising following the murder of a member of the Lebanese Forces, and a Hezbollah banker. In Lebanon people are bracing for any fallout from a clash between Israel and Iran after Israel bombed the Iranian consulate in Damascus. The head of the Maronite Church warns that the “absence of a president has fostered [. . .] the proliferation of weapons.” Geagea promises a "long" but "democratic" showdown.

| 13/04/2024
Editor's choices
by Daniele Frison
The auxiliary bishop of Jerusalem and patriarchal vicar for Palestine looks at the protests in Amman. Diplomatic relations with Israel allow aid to be sent to Gaza. Some students from Gaza’s Holy Family Parish arrived in Amman thanks to the Patriarchate’s ...
| 12/04/2024
The Holy See has officially announced the long journey to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, and Singapore. Card Goh of Singapore hopes the pope will bring to his predominantly Chinese city, “renewed fervour to all Catholics [. . .], especially ...
| 12/04/2024
by card. Anthony Poola *
The Archbishop of Hyderabad looks at the media reaction to the declaration released by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on human dignity. The media are “focused on gender theory, sex change, surrogacy etc., but” people who “struggle ...
| 11/04/2024
The Vatican Secretary for Relations with States presides over Mass in the cathedral, the focal point of this historic trip for the local Church since the breaking of diplomatic relations between Hanoi and the Vatican in 1975. In the meeting with ...
| 11/04/2024
The Custody, a Jewish group and Tag Meir activists offered gifts to Muslims leaving al-Aqsa every Thursday at the Damascus Gate. Fr. Pari: An initiative that has been  carried out  for some time, but this year takes on special value in the context ...
| 06/04/2024
Bishop Philip Huang Chao-ming of Hualien, near the epicentre of the 7+ quake, offers words of comfort. Some buildings are partially collapsed. Nine people are confirmed dead, while more than a hundred are still missing. For Fr Matteucig, a Taipei-based ...
| 03/04/2024
by sr. Regina *
Sister Regina, of the Sisters of Repair, offers her testimony. “Without humanitarian aid, children and the elderly are suffering in the forests because the roads are blocked by the military. Conscription is used to provide human shields to force ...
| 28/03/2024
by Dario Salvi
The conflict with Hamas and the question of hostages is one of the "sensitive issues", but not the only one. From Jerusalem - the day after Pope Francis' letter to the Christians of the Holy Land - the patriarchal vicar for Israel recalls the tensions ...
| 28/03/2024
“L’Asia: ecco il nostro comune compito per il terzo millennio!” - Giovanni Paolo II, da “Alzatevi, andiamo”