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Chinese children "confiscated" and sold for adoption

Government employees abduct "illegal" children born beyond the quota allowed, but even only children. An orphanage that gave children up for adoption was taking 2760 dollars per baby sold for, the state employees 142 dollars. The plight of the one-child rule leads to forced abortions and sterilizations, selective abortions of female fetuses, arrests of activists against the abuses.

Beijing (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Chinese authorities in Hunan have opened an investigation into the over seas sale of about 20 children, born outside the one-child rule. The same state employees used to control the population have "confiscated" the children and sold them for profit.

The newspaper Caixin.com revealed that employees of Longhua County (Hunan) have kidnapped and sold children born beyond the "one child" quota allowed, but only children as well and sold them to families in the United States and Holland, through an orphanage on  Shaoyang.

The orphanage received 2,760 dollars, while family planning employees received 142 dollars per child sold. Some of these sales have taken place in 2002-2005. The head of the orphanage, Jiang Dewe, told Caixin.com that children had been judged "abandoned" by the government and therefore put on the list for adoption.

There are innumerable abuse complaints related to the one-child law. Since the late 70s, China has imposed the rule of one child per family, to be generated according to a time determined by the population control office. Beijing allows only one child to couples living in cities and two to farmers, if the first child is a girl. All those over the quota are taxed by fines of up to 5-10 times the average salary of a worker. Often family planning employees, who receive incentives for their work, tax people with exorbitant fines, seizing their assets, houses and land.

Even more often, to remain within the birth quota set by central government, they force women to undergo abortions, even those in the ninth month of pregnancy,  or involuntary sterilization. Chen Guangcheng, a blind Shandong activist denounced the forced abortions and sterilizations and for this was sentenced to four years in prison. Released last September, he was forced to live under house arrest with his family.

The one-child law, together with the Chinese preference for male children, has created an imbalance in the ratio between males and females, due to selective abortions of female fetuses. According to the latest census, in China there are 118 males per 100 females.

Over the last decade at least 86 thousand Chinese children were adopted abroad, mostly in the United States.

In fact a few years ago the movement "Women's Rights Without Frontiers" was born in the United States (http://www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org), which denounces the abuse of women because of the birth control policy.
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