10/13/2018, 11.55
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Christian Council of Hong Kong: We pray for the Churches of China

The ecumenical body has composed a prayer to support the sufferings and persecutions that Christians suffer and to stir our memory. Crosses torn down, churches canceled, forced abjuration, minors unable to attend the ceremonies: this information is not carried by  the West because it is "China's economic slave".

Hong Kong (AsiaNews) - Crosses torn down, churches canceled, minors expelled from celebrations, the obligation for students and teachers to declare themselves atheists: these are some of the pressures and violence suffered by Christians, Protestants and Catholics in China. Since the new regulations on religious activities were launched, there has been daily news and evidence (with photos and videos) of the systematic persecution of the faithful in different regions of the country (Zhejiang, Henan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, ... ). In the West "now China's economic slave" - ​​as a European businessman said - this news is not broadcast. Amid the international community's ambivalence towards the fate of Christians (and other religions) in China, the Christian Council of Hong Kong, an ecumenical body that gathers several Protestant churches, wanted to launch a prayer to be recited "for the Churches of China" and awaken our memory. Here is the text:

Pray for the churches of China

Lord of History, we pray together for the churches of China with one mind and heart. We are troubled by recent news that in different districts of mainland China, the normal life of Christians has been suppressed: crosses of churches were torn down, churches were closed, youngsters under 18 years old were prohibited to attend church, some believers were forced to sign a denial of their religion. 

We are deeply sad, because when one member suffers, all the members suffer with it. We know that you do hear their mourning and weeping, you do listen to their cries and prayers. When they anxiously ask each other, “How long will the night be?” we earnestly pray that You would be present with them, because You are the Lord of All. 

Lord, please strengthen them, and with the right hand of Your righteousness uphold them. May consolation and power descend upon them from the Holy Spirit, so that they can stand firm for the name of the Lord, because You love them until the end. 

We do believe that, under your grace, all people in China and the whole world can be free from every kind of fear and oppression and may obtain freedom in truth. May Your kingdom come, so that justice and peace are fulfilled in the world. May Your name be hallowed by all nations, and may glory be unto God for ever and ever. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. 

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